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Tigerdawn shares their opinion on Tigerheart’s Shadow.

I really hate Tigerstar’s Shadow. Today I will talk about why, and explain the story on the way.
iWARNING!: Spoilers for Tigerstar’s Shadow
It takes place just after Darktail’s rain of terrorwas over. Shadowclan is in ruins and many cats are trying to leave for Skyclan. At this time Dovewing is pregnant and has a dream that something terrible will happen if they stay in the clans. I don’t know why she thought this, as nothing happened that would effect her kits and she isn’t capable of having visions anyways. When Dovewing had this dream, she told Tigerheart (who was Shadowclan debuty at the time) that he could either leave with her to the city or stay in Shadowclan. Tigerheart knows it would be disloyal to leave so he originally decides that he will stay in Shadowclan, to help his father Rowanstar. But, in reality he is not loyal so when he sees that every cat is going to Skyclan and Shadowclan is falling apart he decides to leave. But of course, to make the book interesting, Dovewing has ot have left already and a journey has to happen. The journey was actually my favorite part of the book, so I have no complaints. When Tigerheart gets to the city, he finds Dovewing and meets a bunch of cats-much like the clans excpet without the warrior code (this includes Spiresight, who is basically a seer and ends up saving Shadowkit). I think Shadowkit, Lightkit, and Pouncekit were already born at the time. Here’s an opinion of mine: Nameing a kit after your clan is big headed. Just saying. Anyways, back to the subject! Eventually Tigerheart, Dovewing, and their kits journey home. Along the way back to Shadowclan (I think Dovewing had arleady decided to change clans by now), I believe they bring back a few cats driven away by Darktail and take them back. Tigerheart dies some how, but for some reason Starclan saves him when he was only chosen a deputy because his father was clan leader and Tigerheart is a disloyal brat anyways(!). Tawnypelt is ten times better, and I think she would be a kick butt back to the norm Shadowclan leader. The thing I’m most confused about is why literally no cat said anything along the lines of, “Traitor!”, “How dare you come back, after you left Shadowclan to rot like crowfood?”, “Thunderclan loving foxheart!”, or “You, leader? No way!”
Another thing I often criticize is how many books Dovewing and Tigerheart’s relationship are a big thing. Dovewing’s Silence, Omen Of The Stars, and now Tigerstar’s Shadow! I understand why people would not agree, because Tigerheart’s Shadow is a very nicely written book just I hate the characters and plot points. That basically concludes my article. Hopefully you all enjoyed it, and maybe you’ll agree after reading this?

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  • I think that Tigerheart’s Shadow was a well written book, I just really don’t like the main character, Tigerheart, and even dislike him even more when he is leader. I also agree with everyone not questioning why Tigerheart left and brought back: 1 Thunderclan cat, 3 kits, 4 Guardian cats, and 4 cats that betrayed Shadowclan. It’s kind of weird.

  • Drizz is now an evil munchkin (declared by Moonblaze) ❣︎𝙳𝚛𝚒𝚣𝚣𝚕𝚎𝚙𝚊𝚠/𝚍𝚛𝚘𝚙, 𝚜𝚑𝚎/𝚑𝚎𝚛❣︎ says:

    Hm I agree

  • i agree, and I don’t get how people forgave dovewing so easily after changing clans… just because she had powers doesn’t mean that she can just change…

  • Nice article!
    As someone who liked Tigerheart’s Shadow, I’ll try and explain how I saw things 🙃🙃
    Dovewing was being pressured in ThunderClan by Bumblestripe, losing her powers, and a bunchem of other stuff, so she runs away as an escape. Tigerheart follows her because he’s also being pressured, and it isn’t really all up to him to hold up a crumbling Clan by himself. Shadowkit’s name to resemble the pair’s differences, and probably ‘how he can see in the shadows’ and stuff.

    Even though Tawnypelt would be a good leader, she didn’t want to be leader, and forcing a cat to be leader isn’t the best thing to do. Tigerheart did agree to being leader, and admittedly, he was a good leader! All throughout TBC, he made Level-headed deductions under stress, protected his Clan from chaos, protected Shadowsight, and always voiced what he thought was correct, so it’s not like ShadowClan ended up too badly either 😉

  • I am pleading for help here, can people just stop doing so many Tigerheart and Dovewing hate articles. I feel like all these articles are turning the fandom toxic and I want Warrior Cats to be a safe place for me. I’m afraid if I do much as mention that I think of Dovewing as okay, I’ll get my head bit off.

    Why are people so toxic towards fictional cats? Those two aren’t exactly GREAT cats, but it’s not like they’re Dark Forest bad.

    • ‘Why are so many people so toxic towards fictional cats?’

      Because there are prejudiced mindsets throughout pockets of the fandom that pick apart female characters for every minuscule infraction (i.e. Star Flower, Dovewing, Squirrelflight, Ferncloud-) but go to great lengths to justify male characters’ actions- (i.e. Ashfur, Bramblestar, Mudclaw, Crowfeather maybe- I don’t need to go on)

      • Just bc a person doesn’t like dovewing doesn’t mean they pick on lots of female characters just bc those cats are female, Disliking dovewing and other female cats doesn’t neccesarily mean they are sexist. And i justify mapleshade and hate dovextiger- and most everyone hates their least fav cats. Plus Dove wing isnt the only controversial cat.

    • So people aren’t allowed to have a least fav cat and rant about it??? People aren’t allowed to have strong negative opinions on cats u like??? Are u saying that Articles on why people don’t like the cats u like are toxic simply bc u dont agree with them???????

    • So sorry this made you feel that way! Understand that I personally did not intend to attack you. I don’t believe it is turning the community “toxic” but I can see where you are coming from. I have doubts you’ll ever see this, but still. 🙂

  • I do NOT like Dove x Tiger at all, and I do not like Tigerheart’s Shadow at all, so I don’t really like Tigerheart either *shrugs*

  • I understand your issues about tigerheart being so welcomed as leader. Imagine, your clan is dying, there is no leader, and some cat who betrayed your clan suddenly becoming leader. I personally will not celebrate

  • I agree with you on most of these parts, especially Tigerheart being made leader right after he got back to Shadowclan after months of being gone.I think that it would have been better that rather than Tigerheart becoming a leader of Shadowclan with Dovewing joining him, they go their separate ways, and Dovewing raises the three kits in thunderclan until they are old enough to know about Dovewing and Tigerheart’s situation, and decide which clan they want to be in.
    Maybe Shadowkit could of had a vision about joining Shadowclan, which would set up the storyline for the Broken Code.

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