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Wolfgaze argues these characters need Novellas to expand their personalities

Hello, it’s Wolfgaze again. Back with my third article. I want to talk about some cats that need a novella because it would be great if the Erins could fill these holes. And SPOILER WARNING for all of the books!!!! Now, let’s begin!

1. Onestar
I would want to know what Onestar was feeling when Darktail came to the lake. Like was he guilty what did in the past with Smoke. Did he wish to go back in time to change his mistakes. This story would start from the first battle he had with Darktail to him losing his last life by killing Darktail and knowing that he forgave himself.
Title Name: Onestar’s Guiltiness or Onestar’s Shame

2. Snowtuft
What really made me angry was that the Erins didn’t include any information about his life. The only thing we do know about him is that he is from ShadowClan. What bad things did he do to go to the Dark Forest? Who was his leader back then? Was he before Mapleshade’s time or after her time? So MANY questions that need to be answered!
Title Name: Snowtuft’s Life

3. Fernsong
I think this would first start out when Fernsong is having feeling for Ivypool. Because it must have weird at first because Ivypool was a warrior before Fernsong was born. I can only imagine what Ivypool was thinking because it’s probably like, I’m mating a baby kit that is totally younger than me. And they end being mates. But then Ivypool didn’t want to be in the Nursery for six moons, so, Fernsong afford to be the mother figure when the kits were able to eat fresh-kill. I really want to see Fernsong as a mom.
Title Name: Fernsong’s Thoughtfulness

4. Cherrytail
It must have been really hard for Cherrytail after losing her mentor/mate. She must have been really heartbroken to stay at Barley’s Barn for Sharpclaw. She also lost her kit, Duskpaw, so it must have been hard leaving the gorge. But eventually, she had to move on.
Title Name: Cherrytail’s Sorrow

5. Ashfur
How did Ashfur form his plan of blocking the connection of StarClan and possessing Bramblestar’s body? How did he know that if you go through the Moonpool you arrive in the Dark Forest? I would like to know how Ashfur made his plan. Like where did he get the vines to block the pond in StarClan. HOW DID SOMEONE MAKE THAT UP!!!!!
Title Name: Ashfur’s Plot

6. Thrushpelt
I want this story to start like when Thrushpelt starts having feelings for Bluefur. And I love when Thrushpelt asks Bluefur to be the father figure for Stonekit, Mistykit, and Mosskit. And what was he feeling when they “get eaten by a fox”? And learning the truth who her mate is in StarClan. I would love to read this.
Title Name: Thrushpelt’s Love

And that’s pretty much what I thought of. Hope ya liked and see ya again. Peace out!

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  • SolarFlare (clan name) SolarBlaze (ancients name) Flame that soars through sky( tribe of rushing water) Solar (kittypet) Flare (rouge) says:

    Great Article!
    We need a Snowtuft novella

  • This is a great article! I especially agree with Sbowtift, especially because he says he was Tigerstar’s (1) ally even though he’s never mentioned in TPB

    We should also have a Goldenflower novella to show her reasons for falling in love with Tigerclaw and her reaction when it comes out that he’s evil and raising her kits with that fact.

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