Defending Daisy by Ivymoon

Art by Rikatuu

Ivymoon defends Daisy – do you agree?

Hello, Ivymoon here! Today, I will see what Daisy haters say about her and defend her.

1. ” she stole Cloudtail away from Brightheart! ”
She didn’t. She just had a little crush on him. And from where Daisy came from, it was normal to have two mates, so she saw nothing wrong with being a mate with Cloudtail when Cloudtail was mates with Brightheart. She actually also wanted to bring the Cloud x Bright ship to reality. Look at that. Selfless.

2. “She is weak and a terrible hunter!”

Um-Pardon-? She actually is able to fight. Does anyone remember when she knocked out a DF warrior? EPIC. Period. Also, she isn’t a terrible hunter. She just struggled to know what she was supposed to do. Would you hate an apprentice who was bad at hunting? I don’t think so. Also, on this point, I think that there will be people who will be like ” But she is an ADULT cat. APPRENTICES are YOUNG.” so I’m going to answer that now. Even if you are an adult it can be difficult to learn. Being an adult doesn’t mean that you have to learn things more quickly.

3. “She isn’t a warrior, so she is basically useless!”
Do you HAVE to be a warrior to be loved and useful? Then if we apply that rule, Leafpool, Jayfeather, Yellowfang, Cinderpelt, and many more would be useless too. I only mentioned Medicine cats, but queens have a lot of tiring work too. Most kits are energetic and are full of mischief. It can be hard to keep them out of trouble. I mean, some kits are very obedient but look at Jayfeather when he was an apprentice. He wandered to the outside of Thunderclan territory and almost died when Brightheart told him not to. Queens try to not let death happen to the kits. If Daisy was not alive, some great warriors could have not survived. Also, again, queens should protect the kits. Normally, they would protect the kits at all costs and fight with the attacker. As you see, she is NOT useless.

So I just talked about a few common criticisms of Daisy and defended her. I hope this article helped sway Daisy hater’s opinions. Also, for Daisy haters that didn’t change their opinions, could you send why you hate Daisy? Because it would be fun to debate. (Not pressuring you)

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