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10 Warrior Cats I Think are Overrated by Flintpaw

Art by Aniritak

Flintpaw argues these characters are overrated

Hi! I’m Flintpaw, or Flinty, and I welcome you to my third article! Today, I will be listing 10 cats from Warriors that I think are overrated. Hope you like it!

10. Crowfeather
I mainly think he’s overrated because he was with both Feathertail AND Leafpool. This is why everybody likes him so much, when there is so much more about him. Also, he has his own super edition, which makes people like him even MORE.

9. Feathertail
Everyone likes Feathertail. She “saved” Crowfeather from Sharptooth, and all the cats mourned for her. Crowfeather asked Tallstar to NAME him after her when he probably could’ve saved himself. She is kind of a Mary Sue, as we say.

8. Yellowfang
People like her because they have sympathy for her. She got kicked out of ShadowClan. That really doesn’t sound too bad to me. Her son killed her mate, then he got kicked out of ShadowClan too! I wouldn’t even say she connected with Raggedstar. (not that I’ve read Yellowfang’s Secret) And she KILLED her son. Why would you have sypathy for a murderer?

7. Russetfur
She is loved because of her “boldness” and “seriousness”. SHE WATCHED BERRYNOSE GET CAUGHT IN A FOX TRAP. Then she said it wasn’t her problem. She didn’t even attempt to help him. Just watched him lose his tail.

6. Spottedleaf
Very Mary Sue. Firestar is in the ThunderClan camp for about five seconds and he’s like “oH wHaTs ThAt ReAlLy GoOd SmElL”. BOOM they’re in love. Of course, Spottedleaf is so good-smelling. That’s actually kinda creepy if you ask me. A cat that smells good every time you walk by. Hmm…

5. Silverstream
To be completely honest here, I think Silverstream wasn’t really a good character. She just saved Graystripe from drowning, they became mates, had kits and BOOM. She dead. Then she gave Firestar a life. How nice.

4. Brightheart
She gets so much love because she got her eye ripped out. She is Firestar’s son’s mate, too. It’s mostly the obscene amount of sympathy she gets that makes her overrated.
3. Hollyleaf
Oh, Hollyleaf. She killed Ashfur because he knew her secret, but he tried to kill her,too. Then she TOLD her clan that secret and Hawkfrost killed her in The Great Battle. How heroic.
2. Tawnypelt
Now she just straight up betrayed her clan over a COMMENT FROM AN ELDER. Like, seriously, you go to your killer father’s clan because an old guy told you that you did a bad job. Really.
1. Firestar
Mr. Perfect. Everyone loves him. He is SO Gary Sue that it’s not even funny. He is the most overrated cat in all of Warriors history. He was in love with the creepy-smelling Spottedleaf. Then, he had kits with Sandstorm, but Cinderpelt ALSO loved him. Seriously, Firestar?

I hope you enjoyed my article!

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  • Cloudtail is Firestar’s NEPHEW for one, and for the whole Yellowfang thing yes she is overrated but people feel bad for her even after she killed her son because he was a full on baby murderer

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