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Mountainstorm analyses the protagonists from series 2 – what do you think?

Hello, kits, apprentices, warriors, elders, medicine cats!
I recently re-read The New Prophecy, where one cat from each Clan was chosen to embark on a journey to a mysterious place, to learn where and how to lead their Clans away from their forest home to a new territory. The New Prophecy is a cool arc, personally not my favorite, but it was an enjoyable read! Not many of my opinions changed, except I love Purdy now, and ship Feather x Crow even more because they are just so cute and adorable. :3
The main reason I don’t like this arc is because of the downfall of the forest- it always felt like home to me too, in a way, just like it was home to the Warrior Clans. Not to mention I’m a planet protecting person, and a hundred-year old forest getting ripped up from the ground and chopped to chunks, along with the death of so many animals…well, it’s not my idea of a good book. I found it very sad. (Also, I hate change, and this was one HUGE change.) There were a lot more things I was annoyed about, for example Hawkfrost turning evil when in the manga, A Shadow in RiverClan, we got a heart-warming message that heritage doesn’t matter, and you shouldn’t judge a cat because of who their family is.
But, apart from those things, it was a good arc, with lots of plot twists, romance, friendships, happy moments and heart-wrenching moments…whenever you wanted to laugh or to cry, this arc had it all.
But I am not here to talk about this arc! I’m here to talk about the chosen cats, and their companions; the cats who risked life and limb to travel into the unknown.
What are my thoughts and opinions on Feathertail, Crowpaw, Squirrelpaw, Tawnypelt, Stormfur, and Brambleclaw? Were they the right cats to be chosen for a dangerous quest? Were the others right to accompany them? Let’s see.

I’m going to start with Feathertail! She is the daughter of Silverstream of RiverClan, and Greystripe of ThunderClan- the result of a forbidden half-Clan relationship. She had a tough life because of it, nearly getting killed multiple times, and always finding it hard to truly be loyal to her Clan and the cats in it. She was chosen by Oakheart to be the representative of RiverClan on this dangerous quest to the ocean.
Now, my thoughts on her! She is my favorite Warriors character! I just love this fluffy small bean so much. <3 As a kit, I found her adorable. In Leopardstar’s Honor, when Greystripe brought his kits over to RiverClan, Featherkit started to suspiciously sniff her grandfather’s paws, which I found really cute! As she grew a bit older, her personality was revealed; feisty, outgoing, and bossy, just like her mother, Silverstream.

“The she-kit is just like her mother, every bit as beautiful, and with the same temper! She gives her den mother quite a bit of trouble, but every cat loves her. Especially Crookedstar.”
-Greystripe about Featherkit, Rising Storm, page 169

But as Feathertail grows, she matures, and learns to be the gentle, patient, kind cat she is as a young adult.
Which is why I love her! She has so much character development, from being a bossy little kit who marchs around the nursery ordering cats around, to struggling to fit back into RiverClan, to becoming kind, considerate, and patient, learning to give everyone a chance. Feathertail overcame her fears, which is a strong and good message from the books, plus I find her relatable, because she, like me, is shown to have anxiety.
I find her a true inspiration, which is why she is, and why she always will be my favorite Warriors character!
(I also like how she was kinda the medicine cat of the journeying warriors. She always made sure everyone’s injuries were okay, and knew her way around herbs and how to use them. She was smart and careful, making sure each cat was healthy and happy on the journey!)

Also a young adult, Crowpaw reluctantly agrees to go on the quest to the ocean with the other traveling cats. Crowpaw is a fierce, shy, and snappy tom with a hard outer shell that makes it hard for him to make friends. He was chosen by Deadfoot to represent WindClan on the journey.
I actually like Crowfeather! He’s definitely not my favorite, but after Crowfeather’s Trial, it’s kind of impossible not to like him! Even though from the outside, he seems unfriendly and cruel, on the inside, he’s a really sweet and loving cat, which is what Feathertail saw inside him. I also like how Crowfeather has lots of character development, not making him an ordinary boring character who is perfect in every way possible, but giving him a more complex personality. It also has a pretty good message- Don’t judge a book by it’s cover! Crowpaw can be mean but he’s also super kind.

Tawnypelt used to be a ThunderClan cat, but eventually she had enough of cats in ThunderClan constantly making her feel unwelcome and hated because Tigerstar was her father. So as an apprentice, she left ThunderClan and joined ShadowClan, where cats treated her so much better! After the battle with BloodClan, she became a full ShadowClan warrior, and has stayed loyally with them through it all, even though she sometimes misses her old home and family.
She was chosen by Nightstar to represent ShadowClan on the journey.
I…don’t have much of an opinion on her. I love her sarcasm and courage, but otherwise I wouldn’t call her my favorite character. She seems like a background character all through the journey, and she never really comforted anyone, and she didn’t make the best or smartest choices. She’s really cool, and I do like her, but I don’t love her or feel much connection toward her.

Brambleclaw has always struggled in ThunderClan because of his father, Tigerstar, mostly because he looked so much like him in every way possible. He even got the same suffix as him, which is an interesting move from Firestar, one not quite expected!
Bluestar chose him to represent ThunderClan, and he was the unelected leader of the group of traveling cats.
I don’t like him all that much. As Bramblekit and Bramblepaw, he was adorable, really funny, and cute! But as a warrior, I find him boring, and not very empathic or clever, qualities that are highly valued in a leader. He was too bossy, and never really listened to his other companies, constantly becoming very angry if anyone challenged his choices, even if they were obviously right. I think he could have been a better leader and a more interesting cat.

And now time for the two other cats who weren’t chosen by StarClan, but decided to come anyway!

Unpopular opinion: I don’t like him.
First of all, in A Shadow in RiverClan, he is never there for Feathertail, just because he has it good in RiverClan with lots of friends. I find it selfish of him, how he doesn’t even listen to her about what’s troubling her.

Stormfur: “Feathertail, that’s no way to live. We need to depend on our Clan! That’s why we have Clans!
Feathertail: I…I just…I’m sorry.
Stormfur: Whatever *Walks away and leaves Feathertail out in the cold night alone*
-A Shadow in RiverClan

And then later, he doesn’t leave her alone! He doesn’t give her any space to breathe or to shine in her own light! He is constantly with her, overshadowing her, but ignoring her and yelling at her when she’s with Crowpaw, even though he later does the same thing! Whenever Brambleclaw or the others ask Feathertail something, Stormfur answers for her before she can even open her mouth to speak, not letting his sister’s voice and opinion be heard.
And I don’t exactly love how he spat on the floor in Midnight’s den just because he remembered what salt water had tasted like. 😛

As an apprentice, I absolutely hated her. I just didn’t get what the fuss was about! She was annoying, and angry, and it was so frustrating reading about her! I didn’t start liking her until after she became a mom. From then on, she’s my second favorite character! She really cooled down and is less stubborn and angry, but she still has her independence which is a refreshing change from most she-cats dependence on toms. I like how she marches to the beat of her own drum, yet has learned to listen to other cat’s voices. She’s kind and more gentle now, but still has some of her fiery personality left in her! Just like with Feathertail, I enjoy her character development, her kindness and intelligence!

That’s all for the traveling cats, but as a bonus, I thought I’d toss in three bonus characters from The New Prophecy arc! I’ll share my thoughts on them, and then that will be it for today!

In the first two books, I actually really loved Leafpaw! She was kind, smart, very good with herbs too! She was shaping up to be one of my favorite characters! She was just so amazing! <3
But then came Dawn, where my opinion on her drastically changed. She wasn’t the cute, beautiful apprentice I once loved, who was always considerate about others. On the journey with the Clans, many cats were dying and suffering horribly, and the thing that was in Leafpaw’s mind was that the Clans might never have boundaries and fight again because they had made friends and allies with each other. She was so scared of that, because the Clans always fought, and they might not ever again! Which is just…not very kind or all that good to say at the least. That was when I started to dislike her, and it all went downhill from there. I was so annoyed at her when she left Crowfeather for almost no reason, and then was so mean to him, telling him to get his face out of her life because he ruined everything, and then feeling mad at him right after when Nightcloud twined tails with him. I disliked how she tried to force Squirrelflight to lie to everyone to take her kits as her own, and how she tried to force Jayfeather into becoming a medicine cat. I dislike how the first thing she thought when Hollyleaf came to see her in the den after blurting out her secret at the gathering was that she was coming to forgive her. I dislike how she instantly became a perfect warrior, and how she was such a perfect medicine cat with nearly no flaws!
I don’t hate Leafpool, don’t get me wrong. I just don’t like her that much, and I probably never will, no matter what anyone says. I just see her this way, and this is simply my opinion. Other than that, though, she is a good mother and is super kind, which I love…but I can’t get those other things out of my head.
I would really appreciate it if you didn’t argue with me about her though, because I know she’s a great cat, and that she’s the best medicine cat in the series, and I love how kind she is. I simply don’t like her all that much.

Midnight the badger is cool, the only reason I don’t like her is because she purposefully sent the cats into the mountains for Feathertail to be killed.

Yes!! I love this fluffy tom! Did you know “Purdy” actually means “Pretty”?
Anyways, I love him a lot now. When I first read The New Prophecy, I didn’t pay much attention to him, but now as I re-read this arc, I found a lot to love in this funny, friendly cat!
He’s so kind and helpful, and never fails to give anyone a good laugh! I love how he fell asleep while the traveling cats were talking to him, and how he boasted that he had caught more foxes than mice, and I love how he comforted Mousefur at Longtail’s death. His own death is so sad…he died trying to stop an argument which is so tragic and sorrowful.
I love everything about him, and I think it’s safe to say he made my favorite cats list! <3

That’s all! I’d love to hear your thoughts on the traveling cats in the comments below! Feel free to disagree, just please don’t be rude about it, and don’t try to convince me otherwise, because my opinions will most likely just stay the same!
Hope you enjoyed this article, see you soon in the next one! 🙂

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  • I liked the forest too. When I first heard about the destruction of the forest, I was like, “but what about Sunningrocks?” Sunningrocks was an important territorial place- plenty of prey, herbs, and a nice place for sunning, as well as a good assesment place. Also the battles against ‘who should have it’ were interesting, as well as a good addition and more fun than just normal ‘hey whats up’ morning chatter or ‘good night’ peace or Clan meetings. So I am really angry, kind of, that Erin Hunter made the important places go away.

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