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The Realism of Warriors (Part 1) by Doc

Doc investigates whether Warriors is realistic

Hi, this is Adderpaw! Today I’ll be discussing the realism of Warriors, with a rating of “plausible,” “possible,” and “implausible.” Have fun!

1) Food
The current prey of many cats includes frogs, robins, shrews, fish, and mice. I’ll be looking at fish, shrews, and frogs, because obviously cats can eat mice and robins.
1A) Fish
Fish are generally not safe to eat without being gutted, cleaned, deboned, and cooked, respectively. As we know, cats cannot cook. Therefore, they could already be poisoned. Next, there is the bones. Cats’ throats are smaller, I believe, than humans’, and they would not be able to digest the bones. Next, cats apparently eat the fish raw without gutting or cleaning them. Disgusting! Also, many cats find (cooked) fish such as tuna appetizing, while only the RiverClanners enjoy fish.
1B) Shrews
Shrews secrete a foul-smelling substance that discourages cats from eating them. Also, water shrews are poisonous. Shrews also appear to be very alike mice, easily fooling even cats. However, cats seemingly have no trouble distinguishing between mice and shrews.
1C) Frogs
Frogs live on land and in fresh water. We see rare few sources of fresh water in ShadowClan, although the ground would be good for toads and such, so that could be plausible. However, frogs are cold-blooded. They need sunlight and warmth. ShadowClan is said to be cold and shady. Some frogs can adapt to the cold, though. Frogs are also fast and jump a lot. ShadowClanners are stalkers, so frog hunting isn’t exactly on their side; however, they are trained and fast as well, so they could catch them.

2) Cat Matters
2A) Feral cat grouping
It is very rare for feral cats to group into sizes of ten or more. They also usually have conflict one another, and spar over prey and fresh water. It would be statistically unlikely for feral cats to have a social hierarchy that is obeyed. Cats also hunt alone
2B) Medicine
Yarrow is refused by cats. Cats readily take it. Knowledge of medicine catting would not be passed down if cats died; it would not take long. Real-life cats also are not examined by their actions and cats don’t have a set of social rules. Next, real-life cats would not be focused on something as little and small as a feather (I think that’s what led the first medicine cat). They might follow it for a few yards, but their attention would not be captured enough for them to follow it for several minutes.

That should conclude part 1 of “The Realism of Warriors”! Have a good day!

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