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My Top 10 Favorite Warriors Characters and Why by WarriorCatsFan

Art by melo_draws (WildMelo)

WarriorCatsFan lists their favourite characters – do you agree?

Hello BlogClan! I am going to be discussing with you my favorite Warriors characters and why. My favorite characters are kind of random bye the way :p (This is my first article so it might be kind of bad)

1. Whitestorm- He was purr-fect! He was a noble and amazing cat, but he did have a few little flaws. But that’s what makes him an interesting character! His death was so sad! He was always loyal, and he was so kind and respectful. I was crying my eyes out when Bone killed him!

2. Silverstream- She was always so kind and brave. AND she rescued Graystripe, who is the favorite character of many people.

3. Dustpelt- I always love characters that are so nice to one person, and grumpy to other people. I love how he praised Ferncloud when she was an apprentice, and didn’t care that much about his own apprentice.

4. Runningwind- He was a great warrior, and I love how he was so excited to help Thornpaw with his training, but when he helped out Cloudpaw, he was disappointed. He was really friendly to Fireheart.

5. Stonefur- He was so brave! He was always so confident, even when times were tough for them. It was so sad when he sacrificed himself to save the apprentices. He could have killed Featherpaw and Stormpaw and become trusted by TigerClan, but he didn’t.

6. Graystripe- He was always a great friend to Fireheart, and he was a loyal and kind warrior. He is a great warrior, but he is still humorous, which I like.

7. Blackstar- Even though he killed Stonefur, he is still one of my favorite characters. He only killed Stonefur because Tigerstar ordered him to. He was a pretty good leader, even though he had a temper.

8. Lionheart- He was so kind! I was so sad when he joined StarClan. He was such a noble and warmhearted warrior.

9. Yellowfang- She was a great medicine cat, and also a good mentor to Cinderpelt. I loved how she was a grumpy yet kind cat.

10. Bluestar- She was such a kind and peaceful leader. She welcomed a kittypet into her own clan! Pretty much every cat in the forest would scare the kittypet off, or fight them, but not Bluestar. A lot of people didn’t like her, especially when she went psycho after Tigerclaw left the clan. I actually kinda liked her when she went insane. But other than that, she was a great leader.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading this and have a nice day!

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