2022 Super Edition Polla: Who Shall Win? by Flamepaw

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Flamepaw analyses potential protagonists of a new super edition

Hello fellow comrades, Flampaw here and this time I’m going to discuss the 3 candidates of the 2022 super edition: Riverstar, Ivypool, and Mistystar!
I will explain who the candidate is and their pros and cons. We will start with Ivypool.

Now this is an easy one. In my opinion I feel like she would fit more for a novella then a whole super edition on her. She already got 2 PoV’s in 2 arcs ( Omen of the Stars and A Vision of Shadows ) So we dont need to see another PoV of her for about 400-500 pages hjkgrkvejbrjcqjv. But here are a few pros about a Super Edition for her. And we know pretty much everything about her.

We could possibly see her PoV from her kithood to her warrior life, and possibly see her become leader near the end?

More PoV from the drama with her sister

Her PoV of being mates with Fernsong

My cons are

Of course like I said, she already got 2 PoVs in 2 arcs.

The super edition might be starting from her warrior life.

Thats all I could think of :V
For those 2 reasons. Why waste time on writing a whole super edition on her? ( not to be rude or anything )

Whilst I am a fan of Ivypool ( Ivypaw for me ) I still don’t think a Super Edition would fit her well. Maybe a novella instead? ( who agrees about a novella about Ivypool? )

Now the next candidate is…


Now Mistystar… This is really easy. She does NOT deserve a super edition in my opinion. She already has a novella already ( Mistystar’s Omen ) And I feel like ummm.. Mistystar? And she also got enough PoV ( not as much as Ivypool tho )

But if we did get a super edition from her then it shouldnt be about the modern Clans.


Her kithood( if it’s not about the modern clans )

Where she got the totems of undying ( Or what if someone gave her the life of immortality ) jk

How she lost some of her lives ( If she did. But she had to at least lose a few )

Maybe more Misty and Blackclaw time

More screen time!

Cons are

What is there to write about her?

What if it starts from the Modern Clans?

So my answer is here: I dont think she deserves a super edition. But if it starts from her kithood then I would like to see a PoV from her

Now the last candidate is:


He does deserve a super edition and here’s why:

Riverstar got very little screen time. And he was the first leader of RiverClan so I’d like to see his PoV from his kithood or in his leadership era. And we know very little about him. And he was a DotC character. And a lot of people loved Dawn of the Clans so why not make a rollback to when the Clans were newer and the life of a RiverClan cat.

So here are my pros

More PoV from either kithood or leadership

How RiverClan was like from the start


Idk… rlly.

So my answer is clear: Riverstar deserves the Super Edition. A novella about Ivypool would suit her more. And Mistystar does not need a Super Edition,

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  • Great article! Only because Ivypool is one of my favorite characters, and I haven’t read DoTC yet, (I skipped from OoTS to AVoS because DoTC is a prequel) I think Ivypool should get a super edition. I would think something after TBC, not from OoTS or AVoS, since there wasn’t much happening then. Once I read DoTC, I may feel differently, since I have the first book.

  • Hello! Dustedgaze here…

    Honestly, I would love to read a SE about Ivypool! Her character is super complex and she went through quite a lot! I would love to see how her relationship with Fernsong bloomed, too, and her life as a mother. I would also like to see how she feels after Dovewing leaves to Shadowclan with her kits. I do agree that a novella would be much better for Ivypool rather than a whole SE!

    An SE on Mistystar? No thank you! While Mistystar is a great character, she has been around for literally EVER! I do think it would be super interesting reading about her kithood and growing up in Riverclan. I feel like the only reason I would kinda like to read about her is so Oakheart can get some more screentime lol. However, maybe a SE of Mistystar might reveal a lot about her and maybe we’ll all love her 🙂 but i don’t think that’s very likely lol

    I think an SE on River Ripple/Star would be pretty cool! However, not many fans have read Dawn of the Clans just yet (and may not ever read them!). Not only that but trying to remember what happened in DOTC and what happens in the main series is kind of difficult to navigate! DOTC and the main series are two big different time lines and I feel like they’re kinda hard to keep track of. Like when I read DOTC I loved it! But after some time of reading the main series, I had trouble going back and remembering what happened. So while an SE on him would be interesting, it might not get a lot of attention.

    Thanks for reading lol!
    sincerely, Dustedgaze

  • Nothing for Mistygirl a novella for Ivybaby and a super edition for Riverboii( yes those are their new names : >) awesome article!!!!

  • I totally agree with you! Riverstar was by far the most undeveloped character in Dawn of the Clans, so he can finally have some background and personality! Ivypool’s novella I’d prefer to take place after Briss’s death.

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