Cats I Really Don’t Like that You Might LOVE! Part 1 by Frostkit

Art by Shadow-Ku

Frostkit discusses popular characters they don’t like – what do you think?

Heya! It’s me, Frostkit, and I’m back with another article! Today, I’ll be talking about cats I hate that you might actually love! (I’m good with this kind of stuff, so look out! Your opinion may be changed!!! DUN DUN DUNNNNNN!!!!!! >:3) I will begin:

I just… really don’t like Cloudtail. I don’t know why he would be on anyone’s top five or anything anyway. I don’t like him because:
* He is really snarky, and he talks back to Firestar and cats that are higher than him in hierarchy.
* He sort of stopped being mates with Brightheart, and turned to Daisy instead.
* He really annoyed me as an apprentice, not obeying Firestar’s orders a lot.
* When he got older, he started being a jerk to the apprentices.

Reasons to like Cloudtail:
* The way he comforted Brightheart when she was injured was really cute!
* He was always very loyal to his Clan, even though he was a kittypet before.
* He never let his kittypet past put him down.

I just really don’t like her. Here’s why:
* She is, overall, mostly helpless. She can’t fight, and she can’t hunt either. She’s just another mouth to feed
* She is ALWAYS having kits, and I think that’s a little stupid.
* She never does anything to help the Clan except sit around in the nursery. She could help the apprentices with their tasks!

Reasons to like Daisy:
* She is kind and supportive
* She supports other queens when they are having kits
* She was trying to love Spiderleg, but he wouldn’t let her, and that’s sad for her.

Half Moon
I honestly don’t like her. I just don’t. Here’s why:
* She is just distracting Jayfeather. He has a Clan he is serving, and she’s just distracting him from what really must be done.
* There is basically no point of her. She just appears to be ‘pretty’ and now, Jayfeather is getting some bright ideas.
* She is just a random character that just pops up, and I think she’s a bit overrated.

Reasons to like Half Moon:
* She would have been a good mate to Jayfeather, if she wasn’t dead.
* From what I’ve seen, she is also kind and supportive, like Daisy.
* She was loyal, and was just trying her best to survive.

That’s pretty much it for now. My chromebook’s at low battery, so I’ll make a part 2! By for now, you guys!


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  • I disagree with Half Moon. She isn’t just a random character. In DotC she is leader of the Tribe of Rushing Water. She is fair and kind in my oppinion.

    • For your information, I haven’t read any DotC books, so how would I know?!

      Sorry if I sound rude, I’m just letting you know that! 🙂 It sort of annoys me when people mention stuff I missed in books that I haven’t even read!

  • I disagree with Daisy and Cloudtail. Daisy can defend herself and fight. She had only two litters. Also, she’s basically raising the next generation, and that’s important because if the kits die, the clan can die. Your opinion about Cloudtail’s personality is true, so I won’t say anything about that. Cloudtail did not stop being mates with Brightheart. Also, are you hating Daisy because of the reasons above or because she ‘stole’ Cloudtail away from Brightheart? I’m neutral on Half Moon.

    • First, I know Daisy CAN defend herself and fight, but she’s not really choosing to. I have NEVER seen her fight, besides the battle of the Dark Forest. And yes, she is raising the next generation, but other than having kits, she’s just sitting in the nursery when she COULD be taking apprentice duties on as a full time job. You can say that she sets up other queens’ beds, but that’s pretty much all she does. She should get the ticks off the elders instead of having the apprentices do it.

      No, I’m not completely hating Daisy for stealing Cloudtail. It was mostly Cloudtail’s fault he drifted away from Brightheart anyway. I also don’t like her because of the reasons I just stated. However, the Cloudtail thing is a big part of it. Maybe I exaggerated over Daisy, but yeah. That’s just my opinion. 🙂

  • Fox that Dances like Flame ( FoxFlame) (and Call me Fox /Flame) Is drop kicking a chiled in " self defense " says:

    I agree with all of those except half moon. Other wise AMAZING article

  • You… Half moon is my Eleventh favourite and there is no reason to hate her part of my names too. I agree with all the reasons to like Half moon. She just wanted a mate like every other cat From JayMOON

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