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My favorite warrior cats by Squirreltree

Art by Alangelai

Squirreltree lists their favourite characters – what do you think?

! Spoiler Warning ! If you have not read the whole Warriors: the prophecies begin series and/or are not on chapter 15 of Warriors: Midnight you will receive spoilers.
Hello I am Squirreltree!
I just figured out how to make an article, so this is my first article! I am so excited!
Ok, so as it says in the title, this is my list of favorite and least favorite cats in the books I have read so far. (Remember the warning? That is as far as I’ve read!)
(Order: favorites to most favorites)

~* Favorites *~
5. Bluestar
Ok, so she did kind of go bonkers in the last few books, but she made peace with Starclan, so ignore that.
So this is why I like her:
Reason 1: She let Firestar (when he was Rusty) into thunderclan!
Reason 2: It was her idea to save Windclan, not Fireheart and Graystripe! (They did do the dirty work though)
Reason 3: Bluestar risked her life to save all of thunderclan, and SUCCEEDED!
4. Spottedleaf
Sure, she only lived like, for the first book, but she was still AWESOME!
Reason 1: She was very nice to Fireheart. (And maybe even had a crush?)
Reason 2: She helped all thunderclan, and was very important in the beginning of the first book.
Reason 3: Even after she died, she gave Fireheart (star) advice through his dreams.
3. Whitestorm
Here’s why I like Whitestorm:
Reason 1: He comforted Bluestar when she had gone kind of bonkers.
Reason 2: Whitestorm was a really, really, REALLY good deputy to Firestar, he even told Firestar his new deputy should be Graystripe before he kinda, well, DIED. (Why does warrior cats sometimes kill off the BEST cats?)
Reason 3: He died fighting bloodclan. (Those bloodthirsty FREAKS)
2. Squirrelpaw
You probably expected her to be on this list, I AM Squirreltree. (Squirrelpaw is NOT why I’m Squirreltree, OK?)
Reason 1: I really like how she is always arguing and being a smartalec. Because I (accidently) be a smartalec a lot so I can kind relate.
Reason 2: Once she’s made up her mind, she’s made up her mind. I don’t know why I like her for this, I just do.
Reason 3: She’s just plain AWESOME!
(Did not like her as Sandpaw)
Reason 1: When Firestar (her mate) was worried about Cinderpelt’s omen meaning that Squirrelpaw and Brambleclaw would cause the trouble, Sandstorm was just like “What if it mean that Squirrelpaw and Brambleclaw will stop the trouble?”
Reason 2: Personally I think Sandstorm did a GOOD job training Sorreltail.
Reason 3: She’s just sooooooooooooooooooooo awesome!

Hope you like my article!
Squirreltree out!

P.S: I will make another one of these every time I finish a series if I get at least 3 positive comments.

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