Why I think Rootspring and Bristlefrost should be mates by Songpaw

Art by Reiterei

Songpaw explains why they ship RootXBristle

Hey guys! Another page by Songpaw. Why I think rootxbristle should come true?
I think the setting was great how they met, root being stupid (no offense) and falling through the ice. Bristle saving him. Yes! Its just like how Silverstream and Graystripe met. Same concept. Just….this is the warrior cat future!
Then Root had a crush on her. I found it kinda weird/surprising how the ‘crush’ thing came into warrior cats. I know that cats had already liked the other. Its just…. the word itself. I don’t have anything against it but its weird/cute for my rootboi.
then they were warriors, they kinda liked each other, bristle had to stop it. they needed to be loyal to their clans bla bla blaaa… i wish she didnt do that so they could like, be mates in the third book….BUT YAYY THINGS GOT BETTER
Thenn *time travels* the sisters quest!!! THEY….how do i put this. hmmm. THEY PRACTICLY FELL IN LOVEEEEEE. hehe. this is where my shipping went from the ceiling to the moon. Yeah!
This ship is adorable and i feel like brave, determined bristle and strong, indecent root are perfect for eachother. Plus, i get all that ‘forbidden love’ drama. oh how i love that type :>


1 – ThunderClan is suspecting Bristle and tells her she has to make a choice between Rootboi or her Clan. She chooses her Clan but she’d prob get in a fight with Ivypool (uh oh) she gets mad, leaves, and joins Skyclan.
this is a bad one sry :3

2 – Kitsss. I want them to have kits rly badly. you’know, they have secret night meetings. Until she eventually got pregnant. Ivypool (yes shes here again) notices and instead of being mad, shes pitying her. Ivypool feels sad and knows that Bristle has to leave to go with her mate. Bristle leaves and yeah.

3 – Bristlefrost decides to stay in thunderclan and meets root then shes expecting. The kits (two) are born in ThunderClan and can see ghosts because their father is Rootboi (yes thats his new name :>) She is forced to bring her kits to SkyClan because the Clan knows she doesn’t have a mate in ThunderClan. I dunno how it goes from there but……

Yeah! That’s my article. Wow that took so long to write. Hope yall enjoyed this and mah theorys. Cya

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