[Spottedleaf sits in a snowy forest with sunlight streaming through the trees]

A Debate on Spotted x Fire by Frostpaw and Cheetahheart

Art by lokidrawz

Cheetahheart and Frostpaw debate Spottedleaf x Firestar – what do you think?

Cheetahheart: I defend The Spotted x Fire ship because of many reasons. I cannot understand how no one can’t put them together!
One of the main reasons that they should most definitely go together is that Starclan chose SPOTTEDLEAF for such an important prophecy only. How convenient is it that SHE is the first to discover the prophecy about Rusty?
Frostpaw: I am against the Spotted x Fire ship because StarClan chose Spottedleaf for the prophecy, meaning StarClan wanted Spottedleaf to be a medicine cat. Even if Clawface hadn’t killed Spottedleaf, she would have had to break the code and go against StarClan’s wishes in order to get together with Firepaw/heart/star, and that wouldn’t have been a very good thing to do. Besides, the ship chemistry wasn’t so well developed. I mean, they should have had a bit more conversation. It doesn’t seem so realistic for Firepaw to develop some ‘love’ for someone he talked to twice.
Cheetahheart: Sure, they didn’t talk much, but sometimes it’s just meant to be. Why did Starclan give the prophecy to a she-cat, who was only a few moons older than Firepaw/heart/star? That couldn’t have been a coincidence. Why hadn’t they given it to Featherwhisker a few moons before? Why go through the trouble of waiting moons? Obviously because of love. “Sure.” you say. “But can you prove that?” Well, then why did Spottedleaf visit his dreams almost every night, all the way till she was killed in the battle against the Dark Forest?
Frostpaw: You say they were ‘meant to be,’ that StarClan wanted them to be together. But, and I quote ‘Spottedleaf’s Honest Answer’ (which is a short text that Vicky Holmes wrote, from Spottedleaf’s perspective):
‘The fate of the Clans was Firestar’s destiny—but I was never a part of it.’
As you can see, even Spottedleaf accepts the fact that she was never a part of Firestar’s destiny. You might say, ‘But Firestar’s ‘destiny’ has nothing to do with Spottedleaf’s love!’ That might be true, but here’s where the ship gets a bit fishy, if you will: Spottedleaf held on to her ‘love.’ She kept on watching Firestar, trying to hold on to that bit of the walking-in-his-dreams connection she had with him. And, I once again quote Spottedleaf’s Honest Answer:
‘When I found him again, things would be different; he would have seen things, done things without me knowing, and it was like meeting a stranger for the first time.’
This is Spottedleaf about her StarClan connection with Firestar sometimes breaking. Instead of accepting that Firestar will never be her mate, she keeps on trying to contact Firestar, to make that connection even when Firestar is already with Sandstorm. Think about it this way: after moving away, someone (Spottedleaf) keeps trying to contact her childhood crush even after they are adults and the childhood crush already has a wife and kids.
Cheetahheart: Oh no you have very valid answers… Well, I can only accept that you are canonly right, because I honestly have no more answers! Congrats, Frosti, you have won THIS debate!
Frostpaw: Well, seeing this debate, what do YOU think? Do you think Spotted x Fire should be defended? Please (respectfully) say your opinion in the comments below!

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  • I honestly think that FirexSpotted is creepy. I mean Fallon in lov with a dead cat that visits you in your sleep because she’s pretty and she smells good? Cause literally very lag with Spottedleaf mention her beautiful smell

    • His love started when he first met her, not when she was dead. It’s not that
      creepy, for cats at least. But interesting article, I agree that SpottedxFire isn’t really “bad”. I mean it’s basically the same thing as LeafxCrow, if Crow was in TC. WarriorxMed cat ship. I don’t think that Starclan said “Ok I want Spottedleaf and Firepaw to fall in love or something.” But Starclan definitely knew they had a connection. So when Spottedleaf died, It made sense that Starclan sent Spottedleaf to give Fireheart/star Prophecies and missions.

      • She did fall in love with him after her death. She was actually rude and dismissive to him. Also Spottedleaf’s Honest Answer isn’t canon, because it is not a published book, and anything not in the books is just opinion.

  • I agree with frosti, and I really just despise Spotted leafs heart, it’s horrid and ThistlexSpotted is toxic

  • I defend the Spotted x Fire ship. I think it is obvious they are together. Firestar always thought Spottedleaf was pretty. After her death she became Firestar’s guardian, and in the Darkest Hour it was described how Spottedleaf’s life to him was filled with love, memories of kithood and milk-scent. They love each other. Spottedleaf also tells Leafpool to follow her heart in Sunset, which Leafpool first thought was running away with Crowfeather. Spottedleaf was a medicine cat, but sometimes cats have to break the warrior code, and in my opinion this is an example of one of those times.

  • Nice debate! Love it 😀 I used to like Spotted x Fire, but recently I’ve been starting to rethink it… but it’s still a great ship!

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