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We need to talk, (My opinion on cats) by Flareheart

Artwork by Spirit-Of-Alaska

Flareheart shares some of their Warriors opinions

HEEEYYYYOOO, it’s me Flareheart, and in this article, I’ll be stating my opinion on cats and talking about cats that are never in the spotlight.
Disclaimer: THIS IS MY OPINION, me stating mine MOST CERTAINLY does not mean u need to change yours, you can 1 million % state your opinion in the comments but please don’t judge mine.

1. Stonefur, can we have a round of applause.
I LOVE Stonefur. He is such an honorable and brave cat. He stood up to Tigerstar even when he knew it would cost him his life, he drove out a two-legs when he was just made a warrior, and much more. The best thing he did though was forgiving Bluestar. What is so sad about him tho is that he is NEVER mentioned again after his death, this kind and loving cat’s death is overshadowed by the battle with bloodclan and a series of other things he was just… forgotten. Stonefur’s impact on the storyline is so MASSIVE, and the fact that it’s NEVER mentioned is just heartbreaking.

2. Whitestorm I don’t know where to start.
Whitestorm is another forgotten cat. The tom is Loyal, wise, and strong. He was honoured and trusted by his clan. Bluestar would often call on him for advice. He was the only cat Bluestar trusted when she lost the trust of everyone around her. When Bluestar passed, he blamed himself for her death, thinking that he wasn’t able to fulfil his job of protecting her. When Firestar got chosen as deputy, he had no resentment or anger that someone lesser than him was chosen to be deputy before him. He was selfless and very much willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good of his clan. He fought in the Battle against Bloodclan even though he was about to retire and unfortunately died in that battle, nominating Graystripe (Probably the best deputy to ever exist) in his place.

3. Jayfeather, trust me this is the kindest way I can state my opinion.
AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH, why does this meany even exist? from what I know is that he hates being a medicine cat, if you hate it so much then why don’t you just QUIT.

4. Brightheart x Cloudtail, EEEKKKKK the best ship in the whole series.
Starting with Cloudtail, Cloudtail is Obnouxtios, snappy, disrespectful, and overall a pretty great cat. I like characters that see the worst in other characters and aren’t afraid to point them out, now I know cloudtail isn’t like that, but he could very much be.

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