Analyzing Bluestar: good or bad cat? by Silverstorm

Silverstorm takes a look at Bluestar.

Art by raumkatzen

Hey, fellow BlogClanners! Silverstorm here with my second article! (WARNING: spoilers for the prophecies begin so if you have not read all of it i highly suggest for you to stop reading my article right now) Today I am going to be analyzing Bluestar to see if she is a good cat or a bad cat. And I am going to list all the good things about her and all the bad things about her.
So fist I am going to list all of the good thing about Bluestar.

number one: well the first good thing is in the first book, she welcomed Rusty(Firestar) to the Clan

Number two: she mentored Firestar

Number three: when Silverstream died and everyone found out about Graystripe and Silverstream, she didn’t punnish him at all

Number four: she let Cloudtail into the Clan

Number five: when she found out the truth about Tigerstar she exiled him

Number six: when she died, she died bravely. She died for her Clan which proved that she was indeed a noble leader

Now for the bad things about Bluestar

Number one: after she found out that Tigerstar was a traitor she became insane

Number two: she lost her beleif in StarClan

Number three: when Brightheart was an apprentice, after she got injured Bluestar renamed her Lostface

Number four: she gave her kits, Mistystar and Stonefur to RiverClan causing Mosskit to freeze to death and die

Number five: she made Cloudtail a warrior because he did not believe in StarClan but she did not make the other apprentices warriors, which caused Swiftpaw to die and Brightheart to get very badly injured

Okay, so after listing the bad things and good thing about Bluestar(there might be more but I wrote this on November 1st 2021 so i was still only on Omen Of The Stars) so there werw more good things about her than there were bad things so…….Bluestar is a GOOD cat!!!! Next article i write will probably be a Bluestar defence article.

😉I hope you enjoyed this article! Silverstorm out! *jumps out the window* bye, guys!

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  • I dislike her quite a bit myself, but I also recently learned that in her old age, she began to develop dementia which can cause individuals to act in ways they normally wouldn’t. I think she’s a morally gray character, with very strong flaw.

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