Relating Around the World in 80 Days characters to warrior cats by Mountainstorm

Mountainstorm relates characters from Warriors to those from the book, Around the World in 80 Days.

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Hello, kits, apprentices, warriors, elders, medicine cats!
Around the World in 80 Days is one of my favorite books! 🌎 It has a really good plot line, it’s written really well, and the characters are so well developed and worked out, each with their own unique personality, a good mixture of strengths and flaws. I love the tale of adventure and excitement, and the ending is just so clever and perfect! I decided to relate some of it’s characters to Warriors characters, another book I sometimes enjoy reading! Also, major spoilers ahead, so if you haven’t read Around the World in 80 Days yet, or are planning to read it sometime soon, maybe come back later once you’ve read the brilliant novel! (I recommend reading it! 😀 )

Phileas Fogg- Cloudstar
It’s hard to find a good match for Phileas Fogg, because I think no cat in the Warriors books really matches his personality. Phileas Fogg is a precise and intelligent man, with good manners. He is extremely punctual and clear about what he wants, and always keeps a level head, even when it seems he’s lost the bet that cost him his whole fortune. He’s always on time, which is the reason he made the bet- to prove the journey around the world can be done in just eighty days. He’s often described to be like an automan, not showing much emotion or feeling, and having the exact same routine, day by day. At the end, it’s funny how he miscalculated the extra day they had gained by traveling eastward. So, it’s hard to find a cat who is similar in personality to Fogg, but the cat I will match to him is Cloudstar, leader of SkyClan at the time they had to leave their home. Cloudstar is very intelligent as well, and level headed, just like Fogg. He thinks clearly and is calm, and eventually brought his Clan to a safe home after a long journey, just like Fogg took a long journey around the world. Cloudstar is also shown to be strong, yet he softens when he’s with Birdflight, just like Fogg shows emotion and love when he’s with Aouda.

Jean Passepartout- Foxleap
Once again, it’s hard to find such a high-spirited, cheerful cat in the Warriors books, like Passepartout is! Passepartout is a man searching for peace and quiet after an exciting and adventurous life. He offers to be Fogg’s valet, after hearing that the man has never once left town in his life. How wrong he is! He gets caught up in Fogg’s bet and is tugged along the journey around the world in 80 days, setting off on another adventure, like the ones he hoped to leave behind. Passepartout is loyal, brave, and skilled. He’s energetic and enthusiastic, but naive and often gets carried away. He has a bubbly and fiery personality, and feels extreme remorse when he thinks he delayed his master in the journey around the world. I think Foxleap matches this man best! Foxleap is evergetic, enthusiastic, and brave, just like Passepartout. Just like
Passepartout, he often gets carried away, and felt extreme remorse as well, thinking he was the cause of Swoop’s death. They are pretty similar in multiple ways, and I think they are quite relatable!

Princess Aouda- Feathertail
Aouda is an Indian princess, young, kind, and intelligent. In a story with a lot of men, Aouda is a sole source of femininity. She’s an inspiring and strong character, not afraid of the unknown.
She was going to be sacrificed, when Francis Cromarty, Fogg, and Passepartout rescued her, taking her away from the dangerous forest and bringing her to sanctuary. Unfortunately, her family in Hong Kong had moved away, and she had nowhere else to go where there were no dangers for her, Fogg proposed to take her along on the journey and offered her a home in London. Despite all the dangers the journey held, Aouda accepted, eternally grateful to Fogg and Passepartout for rescuing her. On the journey, she and Fogg fell in love, and they got married once they returned to London.
I think Feathertail can relate to her most. They are both kind, young, and intelligent, and Feathertail wasn’t afraid of the unknown either. When Crowpaw rescued her, she was very grateful towards him, and just like Fogg and Aouda fell in love, so did Crowpaw and Feathertail.
Feathertail is also a strong and inspiring female character who made a great journey, and I guess you could count her as a form of royalty, because her grandfather, Crookedstar, was Clan leader.

Inspector Fix- Hawkfrost
Inspector Fix is a cunning, manipulating, and pervasive man, set on the trail of Fogg after it’s believed that Fogg robbed the bank of England and went on the journey to shake the police off. (Which of course isn’t true, but Fix believes it with all his heart.) He “befriends” Passepartout, and later intoxicates him with a deadly drug to delay and stop Fogg from leaving the land he is currently on. All along the journey, he tags along, doing everything in his power to place obstacles in the already bumpy path. Eventually, Fix arrests Fogg right when he’s about to win his bet.
I think Fix is a lot like Hawkfrost. Hawkfrost is pervasive, manipulating, and cunning as well, “befriending” cats to later betray them. Fix intoxicating Passepartout reminds me of how Hawkfrost nearly killed Firestar. I think these two characters are pretty relatable!

Captain Andrew Speedy- Tom
Andrew Speedy is a greedy, vain ship captain who refuses to help Fogg and his friends until he pays him a big reward for taking them across the Atlantic ocean. He’s extremely self-centered and cruel. Tom mated with Turtle Tail, then started abusing her when she told him she was expecting his kits. He drove her away, yet stole her kits when she gave birth to them. Tom is greedy, vain, and cruel, just like Captain Andrew Speedy.

Sir Francis Cromarty- Firestar
Sir Fransic Cromarty is helpful, wise, and brave. He helped Passepartout and Fogg cross the jungle, and helped keep them safe. He also aided in the rescue of Princess Aouda, even though he endangered his own life doing so. He was always willing to lend a helping hand, and made smart and thoughtful choices, just like Firestar, which is why I think he’s most relatable to him.

That’s all for today! I hope you enjoyed, and I’d love to hear your thoughts about Around the World in 80 Days, and which Warriors characters you find are most relatable to its characters!
See you in the next article! 🙂

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