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My perspective of prophecys. What do they mean and what’s the purpose of them? by Nightlily

Nightlily studies the prophecies of Warriors.

Art by Espenfluss

Hello! I’m Nightlily!
This is my first article so I hope it’s good :)! I haven’t read warrior cats in English, so there might be some confusing stuff. 😅

In this article we are going to dive into the mysteries and wonders of StarClans prophecys! ✨
I have always wondered about how the prophecys work, and why they are usually quite vague and confusing. Let’s get started!

So the prophecys that StarClan send quite often don’t really make that much sense and are not very guiding.
Quite often the prophecy gives a bit of information on what to do, for example the good ol’ ‘fire alone can save our clan’. When Spottedleaf received the prophecy, Bluestar figured out that ‘fire’ meant a fire coloured cat, thus Firestar (then Rusty) was the cat they where looking for.
But usually, the prophecy is understood when it is fulfilled.

“What is the purpose of prophecys? Why can’t StarClan just say what to do and not send some dumb prophecys?? ಠ︵ಠ”- The tired leader.

I think StarClans prophecys are vague and confusing for a reason.
StarClan is made up of dead warriors who have already had the chance to live.
The same warriors looked up at StarClan when they had troubles and held StarClan higher than them. But StarClan doesn’t want the living cats to depend on them for everything. The living cats are alive and need to fend for themselves. If the living cats had guidance on every step, life would be too easy.

How does StarClan get the prophecys to give to the chosen cat?

I think we will never know fully where the prophecys originally come from. 🤔 I however remember a part of a book (I think it was somewhere in Omen of the stars) when a bunch of StarClan cats are looking into the moonpool and see a storm or something.
So maybe even StarClan doesn’t always acsactly know what the prophecys mean themselves! (・o・;)

StarClan is full of mysteries and lost history. ✨ There is still many questions about StarClan that may never get an answer…. I still think that SctarClan is a bit out of order at times and can do bad decisions. 😅

I hope you all enjoyed this article! It was fun making it! 。◕‿◕。 Hopefully it wasn’t too short and that some things I said weren’t confusing.

Happy Halloween to everyone! 🎃

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