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What I think about The Broken Code by Songpaw

Songpaw shares their opinion about The Broken Code.

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The Broken code has been out for a while now, and we are still waiting for A Light in the Mist to be released. So while we’re waiting, why not make an article?
We all know that the Broken Code faces three cats, Rootspring, Bristlefrost, and Shadowsight. The problem with this series? Well, Ashfur. Of course Ashfur, he still hasn’t got over his love for Squirrelflight and his anger towards Bramblestar. So what does he do? Imposters. Completely imposters Bramblestar’s body. As if the Clan wouldn’t notice! It was obvious that ‘Bramblestar’ was acting differently. Hey, If I was Ashfur, I would’ve paid close attention to the normal Bramblestar’s behavior. How the great ThunderClan leader is stubborn, loyal, and brave, a bit fierce if I may add. Ashfur meanwhile was different. He even helped Hawkfrost with the trap for Firestar in ‘Sunset’. Before all of that, in the old forest territory, he was a loyal Clan warrior. True to his Clan. Never backed out of a fight. He was a good cat.
In ‘A Vision of Shadows’ book 6, it is revealed that Violetshine is pregnant with Tree’s kits. How could they not be important? Rootspring is able to see ghosts and speak to the land. Needleclaw meanwhile, well, we don’t really know why she can’t see ghosts. But, of course, we can’t have a good warrior cat series without some dramatic romance. Bristlefrost, at the time Bristlepaw, saves Rootpaw after he falls through the ice. I can relate this scene to when Flametail fell through and Jayfeather tried to save him. But Bristlepaw and Rootpaw met, Rootpaw had his little ‘crush’ on her. While Bristlepaw had a crush on Stemleaf. As I said, a lot of drama.
Anyhow, Rootpaw sees Bramblestar’s spirit and freaks’ out. I would freak out if I saw a ghost. Especially the first one I’ve ever seen. I find it kind of funny how Bramblestar kept ‘bothering’ Rootpaw. I know that he was asking for help; it’s just how Rootpaw reacted. He was certainly talking differently to Bramblestar’s spirit than if he was alive, considering he’s a Clan leader.
Then there is Shadowsight. A medicine cat right from the start. A special cat with many visions from StarClan. He is half-clan, mother being Dovewing and father being Tigerheart(star). Then he got his vision from a mysterious cat, Ashfur, saying how to heal Bramblestar. He is loyal, but that title is taken away when the Clans claim he ‘killed’ Bramblestar with him to be on the moor in leaf-bare. Bramblestar came back, but not as himself of course.
Later in the arc, it is revealed that Bramblestar is being impostured. He is taken prisoner, and Squirrelflight is now acting leader.
What can they do? Go to the Sisters! Honestly, I love the Sisters, their way of living. No toms. And, the power to see ghosts. Though I do kind of despise them for sending Tree away, that scene was sad, but it was all part of life. But, Rootspring, Bristlefrost, Spotfur, and Needleclaw go to find the sisters. This part of the book was fun. Rootspring and Bristlefrost falling more in love, Spotfur expectant, and Needleclaw with her mood. When they found the Sisters, I got really excited. I also couldn’t stop laughing at the kittypets Egg and Bacon. Their father Pancakes. When they found the sisters they managed to take them back to the clans. They found out about the Dark Forest and Ashfur being in control. Shadowsight of course decided to go to the Dark Forest through a dream, with Mothwing for support. At the end of ‘Darkness Within’ Squirrelflight is taken to the Dark Forest. She does later reunite with Bramblestar. In ‘The Place of No Stars’ Tree has this conversation with Bristlefrost about her love for Rootspring. When I read it I was excited, I really ship Rootspring and Bristlefrost. Tree then considered that Rootspring and Bristlefrost should run away to be together, saying they could have their own family somewhere else, where they wouldn’t be judged for their relationship. Of course, she would choose her Clan. This is one of the things I love about Bristlefrost, how loyal she is to her Clan. She dedicated her life to ThunderClan. At the end of ‘The Place of No Stars’ Bramblestar as well as Squirrelflight come back to the living world and reunite with ThunderClan.

That is as far as we can go about this. ‘A Light in the Mist’ will be coming very soon and I am very excited for it.
What will happen to ThunderClan now that Bramblestar is back? How can they defeat Ashfur? What about StarClan? Will Rootspring and Bristlefrost find a way to be together? What will happen to Shadowsight now?
All of these will be answered within just a few days.

Have a great rest of your day/night! Oh! And Happy Halloween! I hope you’re looking forward to the next book as I am.


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