Warriors Family Tree: Brambleclaw by Blossomfire15

Art by Shadow-Ku

Blossomfire15 explains Bramblestar’s family tree

Hey everyone, it’s Blossomfire15 here with another article. In this article, I’m going to be talking about Brambleclaw ~WARNING: SPOILERS~ or Bramblestar!
Brambleclaw(I’ll just call him (3) is an interesting character and one of the main protagonists in the second arc The New Prophecy.
I thought he’d be a fun cat to explore on.
I might make this a series where I examine the family tree of certain cats so if you have a cat in mind, please suggest one in the comments below!

Okay, so first let’s talk about
Brambleclaw’s Parents & Littermates:
Brambleclaw was born to Goldenflower and Tigerclaw(star) in ThunderClan somewhere in the first arc The Prophecies Begin. He was born alongside his tortoiseshell sister, Tawnypelt, who later joined ShadowClan.

Now that we’ve identified his parents and littermates, let’s see who his grandparents are on both sides.
Grandparents & Aunts & Uncles:
Brambleclaw’s father Tigerclaw was born to Leopardfoot and Pinestar of ThunderClan before the first arc.
Paternal grandparents= Leopardfoot and Pinestar
Brambleclaw’s mother Goldenflower was born to Speckletail and Smallear of ThunderClan sometime before the first arc too.
Maternal grandparents= Speckletail and Smallear.

Now the aunts and uncles.
Tigerclaw had two sisters who sadly did not live beyond kithood: Mistkit and Nightkit. So Brambleclaw has two paternal aunts. On Goldenflower’s side, she had three littermates. Her littermate Lionheart and her two younger siblings- Snowkit and Mistlekit. Mistlekit and Snowkit sadly died as kits in the first arc ): .
Uncles= Lionheart, Snowkit
Aunts= Mistlekit, Mistkit, Nightkit

Now let’s get to the cousins!
Brambleclaw has no cousins on his father’s side. On Goldenflower’s side, he does! Lionheart and Frostfur had four kits- Brightheart, Brackenfur, Cinderpelt, and Thornclaw, who were born around the beginning of the first arc. Brambleclaw grew up beside them in the Clan so that’s super cool! #cousinfun, haha.
Brightheart suffered

And now the GREAT grandparents + great aunts & uncles(’cause we’re getting that crazy):
Tigerclaw’s father Pinestar was born to Sweetbriar and Oakstar. Tigerclaw’s mother Leopardfoot was born to Swiftbreeze and Adderfang. Goldenflower’s father Smallear was born to…unknown- okay, that’s awkward. Speckletail, her mother, was born to Harepounce and Stagleap!
Paternal g-grandparents: Sweetbriar, Oakstar, Swiftbreeze, Adderfang
Maternal g-grandparents: Stagleap, Harepounce, unknown, unknown

Pinestar didn’t have any littermates, but he did have HALF-littermates. Oakstar had two kits, Frecklewish and Birchface(one killed by Mapleshade, the other her “fake” mate). Leopardfoot had four littermates, Spottedleaf, Patchpelt, Willowpelt, and Redtail.

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  • maybe you could do sandstorm because apparently sandstorm and tigerstar 1 are cousins. LIKE WHAT?!?!

  • Love the artical,but in into the wild, patchpelt is an elder, while, spottedleaf is a seemingly youngish medicene cat who has romancey friendship with firestar, and willowpelt and retail are older warriors. and I’m pretty sure willowpelt mates with patchpelt and has graystripe. Which, (no offense) if patchpelt, willowpelt, leopardfoot, spottedleaf, and retail really are siblings it is a little confusing.

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