If cats who died didn’t die by Pinepaw

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Pinepaw wonders how Warriors would be different if these characters survived

Hi! I’m Pinepaw, and this is my first article. It will be about what would happen if some cats who died did not die. WARNING: Spoiler for all books between(and including) Yellowfang’s secret to the 3rd book of AVoS. PROCEED WITH CAUTION.

First up is . . . Spottedleaf!
Spottedleaf lived during the 1st book of TPB. Clawface killed her when ShadowClan attacked ThunderClan’s camp. If she didn´t die, Firepaw/star and Spottedleaf’s relationship would develop, maybe(maybe) to the point of Yellowfang and Raggedstar’s, which could result in no Leafpool, no Squirrelflight, no Three, perhaps no Cloudtail, Crowfeather might mate Feathertail(see next paragraph for expansion), Brambleclaw/star would have no mate, there would be no impostor, and there would be no cause for PoT or OotS(unless TDF attacks anyway). The bloodline gets way more confusing there, so enough on that. Yellowfang would also not be accused of killing Spottedleaf, so maybe she would not have gone onto ShadowClan territory, which results in no raid for the kits on ShadowClan and Firepaw might not have been given his warrior name. But that´s an if. And if Mapleshade didn’t attack Sandstorm, resulting in Spottedleaf’s death, Firestar would be happier but Sandstorm may feel jealous of Spottedleaf. That´s all for Spottedleaf, so onto . . . Feathertail!

Whew, this is going to be confusing.(Just for background, Feathertail was born around Forest of Secrets and died in Moonrise.) Sooo . . . Crowfeather and Feathertail would mate, so no Three, Bramblestar and Squirrelflight would always be mates, Sharptooth may still be killing the Tribe, so Stormfur may not stay and mate with Brook, and he might have divided loyalties between RiverClan and ThunderClan. If there was no Tribe, they wouldn´t be threatened with intruders so Lionpaw, Hollypaw, and Breezepaw wouldn´t get attacked by dogs, and Purdy may not have joined ThunderClan. Oh, and Lionblaze and Cinderheart wouldn´t be mates, ThunderClan might die of greencough, and Fallen Leaves would be lonely for life – or rather, death. If ThunderClan died of greencough, nobody could shelter RiverClan and ShadowClan, so WindClan would be alone against Darktail and his rouges, and so SkyClan might perish as well, and StarClan would be forgotten, so no more Clans. Wow.

Ok, now for Raggedstar!
Raggedstar was killed by Brokentail, and if he didn’t die, ShadowClan would have a much better reputation, but Yellowfang might still be in it, so ThunderClan would be left without a medicine cat, so Cinderpelt might die as an apprentice or another Clan would lend ThunderClan a medicine cat, which may result in some random medicine cat being chosen. Ok I think that’s all, so onto Tallstar!

Tallstar died in Dawn, and Onestar succeded him, which resulted in WindClan getting much more hostile. Plus all that Mudclaw stuff which MAYBE resulted in Brambleclaw/star killing Hawkfrost and Firestar losing a life. So, you decide: Tallstar’s death, good or bad?

Right, now I’m doing Sharpclaw. He was a member of SkyClan and a rogue, and if he didn’t get killed by Darktail and Rain, Hawkwing wouldn’t feel guilty for his death but Sharpclaw might stay with Cherrytail and Cloudmist, but if he came with the rest of SkyClan he could’ve easily been lost on the way, probably intensifying Hawkwing’s grief and MAYBE making him too sad to mate with Pebbleshine and have kits, so SkyClan would be destroyed.

Right, I think that’s it. What are your opinions?

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  • Wow! If those cats never died the clans will probably become lost, the Tribe might end up in the grave, Life will be more boring without the drama Ashfur made if Spottedleaf never died and many more mind-blowing things! Even those deaths were very sad, life would be a sort of “Not this, definitely not that”. Tallstar’s death was very significant. Mudclaw was too ambitious for his clan to keep going. He chose to fight for his reputation than accepting Tallstar’s choice in making Onewhisker deputy. That’s harsh! And yes, I think Tallstar’s death was bad.
    Nice article, tho!

  • Interesting article, it makes me curious about SpottedxFire FeatherXCrow’s potential kits:
    What names and appearances do you think they’d have? Maybe go further, and think what kind of personality and life they would’ve had.

    • For SpottedFire, I would say Mosskit, a tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes, like a Spottedleaf-Firestar mix; and Shellkit, a dappled brown and orange tom with white patches and amber eyes, like Spottedleaf. Hmm, so perhaps Mosskit and Shellkit would replace Squirrelflight and Leafpool? Shellpaw would become a kind, patient medicine cat with Cinderpelt as his mentor, and he would have a very good memory and an interesting in herbs and healing just like Leafpaw. Meanwhile, Mosspaw could take the sun-drown-place journey and make friendships with the others, especially Brambleclaw. Both Mosspaw and Shellpaw would have a strong connection to each other, eventually receiving their full names of Mossflight and Shellpounce maybe? Then, yeah, they would probably take on the roles of Squirrelflight and Leafpool in the canon books. ~ Cloudy

    • that sounds more like fanfiction than an article!

      though it is an interesting idea 🙂

    • I actually wrote an article about that; tale spinoffs and possible paths if Feathertail would have survived, but I didn’t submit it.
      Makes me really curious too! <3

  • Many of this is right- Bit Brambleclaw would be Jessy’s mate If Squiirelflight wasn’t alive.

  • 💙🌊✨Stream's Lark (Ancient)/Frosted Stream that Shines at Dawn (Tribe of Rushing Water), Stream (Sisters), Streamer (kittypet), Streamy (loner),\Streamstar (leader), Streamlark (warrior, she/her)💙🌊✨ says:

    … Wow. It’s better for the Clans if everyone died but… I still wanted Feathertail to live. Nice article!

  • Great Article!
    If Spottedleaf didn’t die… Warriors wouldn’t be a book series anymore basically, due to all of the reasons you stated in the article.

  • if Pinestar killed Tigerstar as a kit like some cat tolled him (I don’t know which cat) and Firestar hadn’t died then AVOS would be very different

  • Interesting article! I enjoyed reading it! <3
    A lot of things would have changed, true, but I think with a little flexibility, things could have still been shifted around! The Three's father could have easily been someone other than Crowfeather, or The Three could have been Feathertail and Crowfeather's kits, given to ThunderClan because Reedwhisker, who was in love with Feathertail might have ruined their lives because he knew Crowfeather and Feathertail's secret.
    This is a really cool article, but I certainly don't think there would be no Three if Feathertail survived. I really wish Feathertail would have lived.
    Again, nice article!

    • wow i missed it 🙁
      And I definitely agree with your points, I think that maybe Bramblestar and Squirrelflight could have kits, thus strengthening their bond 🙂 But there wouldnt be as much drama . . .

  • I think you should do Fallen Leaves since he was a very sad character to be dead, especially in Power of Three. If Fallen Leaves hadn’t died, maybe his parents would’ve agreed to move, but that wouldn’t change much. And then there’s the thought that he would be a new Sharpclaw and Jayfeather would’ve met him when he went to the past, which they probably would become friends. But if his spirit wasn’t in the cave, Hollyleaf would’ve died WAY before The Last Hope, in which from suffocation, instead of Fallen Leaves finding her. There is still yet to be discovered of Fallen Leaves, but he was a goner, and it was super sad to hear his father say these words. Quote time! “We waited a moon of sunrises for Fallen Leaves to emerge, but he never came. It is time…to give up waiting…” It made it sadder when I listened to Faded and watched a map 🙁 but he was super crucial to the plot of the Three, and I understand that it was supposed to happen. Bristlefrost should be in this too btw she’s my fav character! Peace!

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