Leafpool and Feathertail are NOT Mary Sues by Streampaw

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Streampaw argues Leafpool and Feathertail are not Mary Sues

Hi again, Streampaw here, with my – sixth? – article. If you didn’t know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Feathertail, well, you know it now. And while Leafpool is less of a favorite, I still defend some of her actions. After all, no cat is perfect… This brings us to our topic. Feathertail and Leafpool are “perfect” cats.

Well, the definition of a Mary Sue is basically a perfect female character with zero flaws. Most of the time they have a heroic death and have a kind and gentle personality, at least according to this definition. Yes, Leafpool and Feathertail both are very compassionate cats, but this does NOT make them Mary Sues. Both have flaws, which I will explore in this article. Both are frequently attacked for being a Mary Sue when they aren’t.

First up, Leafpool. Many people consider her a Mary Sue because she has a strong StarClan connection and pretty much memorizes every herb and illness. This doesn’t mean that she’s perfect. It just shows that she is a quick learner and passionate about her role in ThunderClan. Because she’s very kind, forgiving, and helpful to cats even outside her own Clan, again, she is attacked for being a Mary Sue when she isn’t one. Mixed with that and her sympathy for her Clan and kin, again she is accused.

But Leafpool has multiple flaws, which I’ll point out now. First up, she wasn’t empathetic at all times. When she sees Feathertail in StarClan, she fails to see that Feathertail is trying to be friendly, and she gets protective over Crowfeather. Unnecessary. And when Brightheart starts helping Cinderpelt, she gets angry at the one-eyed warrior, thinking that she’s stolen her job when she was just trying to get her mind off Cloudtail and Daisy. Also, Leafpool tends to favor her kin. She is more supportive of Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf than her other Clanmates. And yes, she has a heroic death, saving her sister and the Sisters. And even though most people associate her relationship with Crowfeather as perfect, it too has flaws.

And next up… Feathertail!

Feathertail too is kind, caring, empathetic, all those traits that we know and love. Yes, she somehow killed an evil cat with other apprentices, but… like Leafpool, she is curious, strong, and a quick learner. And with, four other apprentices, she most certainly could have killed Bone. In A Shadow In RiverClan, we see that Feathertail DOES have flaws. She holds grudges, is mistrustful, and is sometimes hostile around her own Clanmates (see the Ferncloud part). Yes, she was the subject of TWO prophecies, but again, she does have flaws. Yes, she had a forbidden love with Crowpaw/feather, but that doesn’t mean she’s a Mary Sue. And yes, she had a heroic death, saving the Tribe and her brother and love, but again, NOT A MARY SUE.

This shows that Leafpool and Feathertail aren’t Mary Sues.

-Streampaw, 11/3/21

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