DreamClan: Dream SMP as Warriors PT.2 by Jaysong

Jaysong gives more DreamSMP people warrior names

Heyyy, everyone! I had a post like this last time, but I updated the Allegiances a lot. A virtual clap for anyone who can guess all the human counterparts correctly! (Also, the kits are all pets/characters in popular AUs. EX) Mothkit is Dad!Tommy AU where he finds an abandoned moth hybrid child and take her in, naming her Clementine):

LEADER Whitemask/star – Golden tom with a white mask and pale green eyes

DEPUTY Amberblaze – Mostly black calico tom(yes, I know those are basically impossible but I don’t care!) with a white chest and underbelly, reddish patches that looks like flames, and deep blue eyes

MEDICINE CAT Iristrail – Fluffy light brown tom with hazel eyes, but his pelt is usually stained with various colors due to him playing in the flower fields a lot and crushing flowers

WARRIORS Oakleap – Light brown tabby tom with heterochromiac blue and amber eyes, very dark brown stripes, and distinctive black-circle-like markings under his eyes

Scarface – Dark blue-grey tom with black patches that have feathery(gettit?) edges and very dark amber eyes and a long scar that runs down the side of his face

Ebonyfeather – Large black tom with silver eyes

Dewsplash – Small blue-grey tom with amber eyes

Crowflight – Black tom with flecks of gold and blue eyes

Sootfur – Curly light brown tom with dark reddish amber eyes

Palesight – Dark brown tom with a black mask over his eyes and silver eyes

Antfrost – Siamese tom with dark blue eyes, former kittypet

Goldenfang – Pale cream tom with a darker back, distinctive gold locket, and pale blue eyes

Quillwind – Spiky blue tom with a darker back, lighter stomach, and blue eyes(mentored by Whitestar)

APPRENTICES Beepaw(flight) – Light golden brown tom with wine-colored stripes and grey-blue eyes with light brown ears, usually seen with a red poppy tucked behind his ear

Sunpaw(strike) – Golden tom with lighter legs, a long shaggy tail, and blue eyes, usually seen with a green clover tucked behind his ear

Asterpaw(fall) – Lithe cream-brown tom with a darker back and purple eyes, formerly loner known as Sky

Nightpaw(snow) – Chimera tom with a black side and a white side, with heterochromatic green and amber eyes, formerly loner known as Endless

Stempaw(heart) – Ginger tom with green eyes, formerly loner known as Swamp

QUEENS Sheepcloud – Fluffy white and pale brown she-cat with a mask and amber eyes, permanent nursery queen

Kits Mothkit(bounce) – Golden she-kit with a darker ginger back, splotches, and green eyes, found by Sunpaw on the border

Spiderkit(shade) – Black tom with amber eyes

Orchidkit(scar) – Mute dilute tortoiseshell tom with dark amber eyes and a scar over half his face, found as an abandoned kittypet named Michael by Beepaw and Nightpaw


DARK FOREST Mossystar(cry) – Pale grey tom with a white mask, yellow eyes, and a gash on his stomach, the corrupted founder of DreamClan. Meets with Oakleap every night at the flower field beside the DF

Ramheart – Dark golden brown tom with lighter ears and amber eyes

STARCLAN Duskshade – Beautiful dark brown she-cat with golden-amber eyes. Advises young queens when giving birth

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  • It would be nice if you wrote who was who at the end… My half a braincell can’t guess all of them ;-;

  • Okay, here are my thoughts…
    Whitemask/star: Dream, obviously.
    Amberblaze: Sapnap, you explained in Part 1
    Iristrail: uhhhhh Karl??? Because of the colors???
    Oakleap: George I think? Wasn’t he Nightgaze?
    Scarface: Quackity, no context
    Ebonyfeather: I have no idea. EDIT: Wait, is this bad? Black tom with silver eyes ummmmmm…
    Dewsplash: Skeppy????? Because he’s blue??
    Crowflight: This better be the Crow Father! Philza!
    Sootfur: Wilbur, duh. I prefered Sootsong better acually.
    Palesight: ummmm which DSMP member has a black mask… uhhhh Alyssa? wait, no, it’s a tom… Bad again??? Because silver eyes???? EDIT: Ponk? Sam? I really don’t know
    Antfrost: Antfrost, self-explanitory
    Goldenfang: PUNZ! I think… right?
    Quillwind: I have no more braincells. Help me.
    Beepaw: Tubbo. my bee boi
    Sunpaw: Tommy? I think so…
    Asterpaw: Uhhhh Purpled? Because he has purple eyes? P.S Why would Purpled be a med cat???
    Nightpaw: Ranboooooo!
    Stempaw: Hmmmm mentored by Quackity… hmmm Slimecicle?
    Sheepcloud: Captain Puffy, don’t know about the mask tho…
    Mothkit: Clementine
    Spiderkit: Is he that pet spider Tommy had? IDK
    Mossycry/star: DreamXD
    Ramheart: Meeeester Jshlatt (is it spelled right? I think so…)
    Duskshade: I have no idea. Is this Niki? Or maybe Sally. I don’t know any other girls.

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