Giving cats who never got warriors names and cats who didn’t join the Clan warrior names by Amberleaf

Art by fernsong22 (tumblr)

Amberleaf gives these characters warrior names!

Hi! I’m Amberleaf, back for my second blog post! As you read from the title, I will be naming cats who just never got their warrior names. This has been posted a lot but I have been thinking about warrior names recently and would like to give my own a try!

Ah, Millie. You either love her or you hate her. She was a good warrior from the start, but she turned down a warrior name. However she was once a kittypet, and I would like to give her a -heart suffix. I think a flower prefix would suit her well, I think I would call her Poppyheart.

Swiftpaw died from a dog pack that attacked him and Brightheart, as a result of Tigerstar’s evil plans. He was fast, cunning, and desperate to prove himself. I would like to honour something fast in life as I give him his warrior name, which will be Swiftwind.

Daisy came to ThunderClan seeking shelter for her kits Mousewhisker, Berrynose and Hazeltail. She was never made a warrior, but she helped im the nursery and protected all the kits as if they were her own. This needs no explanation: Daisyheart.

Talonpaw was a ShadowClan apprentice who was killed by two kittypets. I didn’t know much about him, but I would call him Talonstrike.

Speckletail’s last kit was deaf: Snowkit. He was carried away by a hawk, much to Speckletail’s sorrow. If he survived the hawk and became a warrior, his warrior name should be Snowflight.

These are all the cats I can think of right now, but doing this made me think: what if other cats joined the clan? I’m going to give cats such as Cody warrior names now.

Firestar’s sister, princess was a kittypet who braved the forest to find Firestar, and gave Cloudkit (tail) to the Clan. If she were ever to join ThunderClan, I would call her Honeyfall.

Cody found refuge with ThunderClan after being trapped in the twoleg nest with leafpaw (pool). She left for her housefolk before the Great Journey, but if she stayed, she would probably stay in the nursery like Daisy. I would call her Blossomstream.

Brook where small fish swim
Brook was a prey hunter from the Tribe Of Rushing Water, but for a while she and Stormfur stayed in ThunderClan. Her warrior name should be Brookswim.

I hope you enjoyed this! If you would’ve chosen different names, comment down below! I’m always interested to hear what people think about names. Have a good day or night!

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