Random things/realizations I had about warriors by Snowpaw

Snowpaw shares some cool facts

Hi!Snowwy here!Today I’ll be stating random facts and/or realizations about warriors.Avoid spoilers.You have been warned so don’t blame me if you find out something in a series before the one you’re reading 😀.

-Jake has 8 confirmed kids.His first litter is with Quince,and it consists of Ruby,Socks,and Tiny/Scourge.Hos second litter is with Nutmeg the kittypet(just saying that cuz there’s a lot of Nutmegs apparently)and consists of Rusty/Firepaw/heart/star,Princess,Filou,Tommy,and Luna.But this isn’t that surprising.Jake is my father,Jake is your father,Jake is everyone’s father.Yeah,the original quote belongs to Moonkitti but I’m using it cuz why not.

-Bramblestar and Firestar have something in common:They both killed their half brothers.The difference is that Brambleclaw/star killed his YOUNGER half-brother Hawkfrost and was fully aware that they were related(he felt guilty ’bout it though and didn’t want to kill him),while Firestar killed his OLDER half-brother,and…as far as I know,never knew they were related.

-Onewhisker/star and Mudclaw(WindClan)are cousins.Onestar’s parents are Wrenflight and Stagleap.Mudclaw’s are Ryestalk and Shrewclaw.Ryestalk and Stagleap are littermates.So BOOM!Mudclaw tried to kill his cousin.Zoinks.

-Both of Onestar’s deputy choices could be used against him.Harespring/star was a Dark Forest trainee,but this is actually brought up.Ashfoot was his older sister but back then WindClan was probably like ‘Hey,this guy made his sister the deputy!’ and then some other cat goes ‘hush,child.We don’t talk about that’.

-Clear Sky/Skystar is the older one in his litter.He’s repeatedly mentioned to be Quiet Rain’s firstborn.

-Gorsepaw and Onewhisker/star are uncle and nephew..Gorsepaw is Morningflower’s son,and Onestar is her brother.So,Onestar mentored his nephew.Ok.

-Snowbird has nine confirmed kits(as of when I wrote this).Cloverfoot,Rippletail/Buster,Berryheart,Beenose,Yarrowleaf,Bluebellkit(name was never revealed in canon,but Kate said it),Conefoot,Frondwhisker,and Gullswoop.

-Strikestone and Snaketooth might have been mates.He’s always taking her out on patrols as an apprentice,despite not being her mentor,and she is shown to respect him a lot.They’re also seen together several times so…….

-We got full descriptions for ALL of Ivypool and Dovewing’s kits.Eye color included.Thriftear is a dark gray she-cat with amber eyes,Flipclaw is a brown tabby tom with golden eyes,Bristlefrost is a pale gray she-cat with blue-green eyes,Pouncestep is a gray tabby she-cat with amber eyes,Lightleap is a dark brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes,and Shadowsight is a scrawny,little,dark gray tabby tom with wide,dark stripes along his flanks,amber eyes,and a shredded ear that he can’t move.

-Tadpole is that one big brother most cats probably wanted but never got.

-Snowbird and Scorchfur only have 4 living kits.Cloverfoot the deputy,Berryheart the warrior,Yearrowleaf the warrior,and Gullswoop the warrior.Frondwhisker,Comefoot,Beenose,and Bluebellkit are confirmed as dead and Buster was last seen alive in River of Fire so he probably is alive but he’s never mentioned to talk to his family after leaving so he technically doesn’t count.

Anyways,that’s all for today.Bye!

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