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Mountainpaw plays this or that – Warriors edition! Do you agree?

Hey, kits, apprentices, warriors, elders, medicine cats!
I hope you’re having a great day!
So today is officially my one-year anniversary of reading Warrior cats! I started reading this series November 6, 2020. (Yes, I documented when I started reading this book series. 😛) So I thought I’d write something special, and this article seemed the perfect option.
I’ve always enjoyed playing “this or that” with my friends, so why not try turning it into a Warriors article? So here it is! Some questions are completely random, some are more connected to each other in one way or another, some are lost in the middle. But I’m getting off track here!
I hope you enjoy this article! 🙂

1. Siblings

Feathertail or Stormfur?
Feathertail, of course! Feathertail is my favorite Warriors character. I’ll try to explain my reasons best I can, because I know many people hate her.
She is a kind and smart cat who I believe is a good role model for young readers to look up to. She lived through a horrible time in her life, yet she stood strong and came back better. But she found it hard to let go of the past- especially Leopardstar’s betrayal. She refused to see the good in Leopardstar. But then she learned from that mistake, and later on, when she was traveling with the chosen cats to the sun-drown place, she saw the good in Crowpaw. I believe she remembered how badly she had treated her leader, and now made it up by promising herself to give every cat a chance. I love her character development, how she learned from her flaws, I love her kindness and confidence. She isn’t the perfect character. But she will always be my favorite.
Stormfur, on the other paw, I greatly dislike so this question wasn’t all that hard to answer. I find him incredibly self-centered, and he isn’t very empathic or kind, either. I find him to be rude and annoying at times as well.

Squirrelflight or Leafpool?
Squirrelflight! She’s my second favorite character! I greatly disliked her as an apprentice, but she made her way into my heart later on with her confidence, kindness, and fierce courage. She’s so bubbly and caring and is a great sister to Leafpool as well as a great adoptive mother to the three. I like Leafpool fine too, but she does annoy me sometimes. I love how gentle and kind she is, but some things about her get under my skin.

Dovewing or Ivypool?
Now this is a hard choice. 😛 I love both characters! Ivypool is so brave and independent, and Dovewing is really empathic and friendly. If I had to choose though, I’d go with Dovewing! She’s just trying to be a good sister and a good friend and trying to figure out her powers along the way. I love how easy-going she is, and how well she can make friends and sympathise with cats with much different experiences and personalities than herself, even if they were rude or unkind to her before. On the other paw, it was definitely Ivypool who really saved the Clans without powers, not Dovewing.

2. Leaders

Tallstar or Crookedstar?
Fkljkj this is a hard choice….I love both leaders! Both are really wise and peaceful! Tallstar’s Revenge is one of the best Warrior books, and he’s a really good leader. But I’m going to pick Crookedstar. In Leopardstar’s Honor, he was just the most loving and kind leader ever. He truly spent a lot of time with everyone, even the kits, and was a fair and smart ruler, making good deductions and avoiding battle and bloodshed best he could.

Bluestar or Firestar?
Again. Both characters are awesome! However, I’m going to go with Firestar, mostly because he had a whole arc dedicated to his journey from a young kittypet to leader of the proudest Clan.
He’s also a really wise and peaceful ruler, and I actually really like him! I love Bluestar too, but she made some questionable dissections. While she’s okay in my book, I’m still going to go with Firestar. 🙂

Leafstar or Leopardstar?
Leafstar. Leafstar all the way. I actually used to like Leopardstar, but Leopardstar’s Honor made me hate her. Leafstar is a super wise, strong, independent, down-to-earth and brilliant leader! She’s a strong role model and works her way around the rules, working hard to have a mate and raise a family despite what other cats told her. The Clan truly flourished under her leadership, and she’s a great cat, a great leader, and a great character! Go Leafstar!

3. Medicine cats

Cinderpelt or Cloud Spots?
Cinderpelt! She’s a really amazing medicine cat, and even invented the cure for the deadly ShadowClan disease! She’s really clever and headstrong and I love her. It’s so unfair StarClan looked down on her as a medicine cat just because it wasn’t her destiny. I mean, she discovered the cure for a terrible illness!! She has a really good heart and a strong personality.
Cloud Spots is nice…but…meh.

Jayfeather or Yellowfang?
Both medicine cats are grumpy which is why I chose these two here! I’m going to go with Jayfeather! I really love him. Yes, he can be grumpy and rude, but that only gives him personality, something most cats in Warriors lack. He can also be really compassionate, and is a really talented healer. I like Yellowfang too, though! She’s an awesome mentor, and a good medicine cat! However I never really had her as part of my favorites list.

Alderheart or Spottedleaf?
Both cats are awesome, and I love them both! I’m going to pick Alderheart though, because I can really relate to him, and we get a lot of character from him. He’s also in the spotlight more often than Spottedleaf, so we can learn to love and relate to him more. 🙂

4. Kits

Snowkit or Mosskit?
Snowkit!! He seemed like an adorable, bubbly little goofball and I fell in love with him right away. I wish he’d have survived. He would have been a wonderful character, and had so much potential.

Hollykit or Petalkit?
Hollykit! I loved her a lot and could relate to her. She didn’t want to leave the forest and begged her parents to stay. I would have probably done the same thing.
Petalkit was cute, but she didn’t seem all that nice.

Flickerkit or Patchkit?
Patchkit! Flickerkit seemed like a cool little guy, but Patchkit was downright adorable. He was so sweet with his mother, Mapleshade, and wherever I read about him my heart practically melted. 😛 So cute!

5. Apprentices

Shrewpaw or Swiftpaw?
Shrewpaw!! He’s one of my favorite characters! Though he wasn’t in the books much, I still love him passionately. He’s so kind and empathetic and compassionate. He welcomes Squirrelflight back warmly when his Clanmates treat her like an outsider. He reassures her and shows her love and gentleness when she’s distressed about her dream, giving her smart advice. He was kind to Ravenpaw too, and played with his younger siblings a lot, being a sweet big brother to them. 🙂
Swiftpaw….I greatly dislike him, especially how he whined about having to chase a hawk that carried Snowkit away. That was so…disturbing.

Perchpaw or Deerpaw?
Perchpaw!! I love him. He’s really enthusiastic and energetic, but loving and courageous and confident at the same time. Deerpaw, we don’t know much about, except she was Doestar’s sister. Go Perchpaw!

Gorsepaw or Mottlepaw?
Gorsepaw! He was really caring and polite. He didn’t deserve to die.
While Mottlepaw seemed like a fun character, we didn’t see much of him. And he was a little too eager for me.

6. Elders

Mousefur or Longtail?
Longtail! I disliked him at first but he really grew as a character and became a sweet and cuddly elder who’s hard not to love. Mousefur’s pretty cool too, but she’s got a quick temper and a taste for battle, so I don’t really like her.

Purdy or Goosefeather?
Purdy! Purdy! Purdy! He is the best, and while I love Goosefeather too, it’s Purdy for the win when he comes in. 🙂 🙂 🙂

White-eye or Halftail?
White-eye! She always struck me as a nice, calm, and level-headed character, so I pick her! <3

7. Kittypets

Jessy or Cody?
I love both characters a lot…but I think I’m going to go with Cody. She’s really confident and optimistic, and I admire that about her! She’s a cool character who was really fun to read about, and her relationship with Birchkit was too sweet. 🙂 She was really self-less too! Deciding to stay with the Clans to help them out while they couldn’t provide her with prey was a big sacrifice for a kittypet! But Jessy is SUPER close by! I love her so much, especially her moment when she saved the mama bird from being killed by Bramblestar. Go Jessy and Cody! 😀

Princess or Smudge?
Princess! I love how she comforted Firestar after Cinderpelt’s injury, and their relationship is really cute overall! Princess’s gift also meant so much to the Clans, and she was a brilliant character!

Jake or Oliver?
Here, things get tough. 😛 Oliver is a super goofy big tomcat, the father of Cloudtail and his siblings. Buuut I’m going to have to go with Jake. Jake is just too sweet! He’s really friendly and outgoing, and I love his relationships with every cat. He makes friends everywhere he goes! And I find the part in Tallstar’s Revenge really sweet, when Jake defends his Twoleg owner and tells Tallstar that they sometimes talk with each other, but his owner’s accent is terrible. 😂

8. Ships

Grey x Silver or Grey x Milie?
Grey x Silver for the win! <3 It was just a super cute ship and I enjoyed reading about it. I felt Grey x Millie didn’t have much chemistry, and they didn’t care for each other as much as Silverstream and Greystripe. I mean, when Silverstream died, Greystripe moved to RiverClan just to raise their kits. But he didn’t care much for his kits with Millie. While Grey x Millie is pretty cute, and I do like it, I prefer Grey x Silver over it.

Feather x Crow or Leaf x Crow?
Obviously Feather x Crow. 😛 Oh my StarClan they are so cute!!
Their relationship has good development, is pretty healthy, and is super adorable! It’s very obvious they loved each other a lot. And Feathertail’s last words to her one true love were heart-breaking.
Though many hate their relationship because it seems “perfect” it isn’t perfect. Crowpaw argued with Feathertail a few times, and Feathertail hissed at Crowpaw. Yet they talked it over, which indicates they have a healthy relationship.
Feather x Crow fur- ever!
Leaf x Crow on the other part….at first they were way too much for me. Toooo corny. They weren’t very healthy then, either, because Crowfeather was pressuring Leafpool into rushing their relationship; something healthy partners do NOT do. Not to mention their suuuper fast development..also not healthy. They didn’t talk their troubles out, either. When Crowfeather pressured Leafpool to run away with him, Leafpool just said she’d think about it, when really she had all these doubts and worries that she kept bottled up inside.
And afterwards they were just really, really, unhealthy. They subjected each other to humiliation and pain, and Leafpool was absolutely broken by this relationship.
While it is cute, I really dislike it.

Grey x Turtle or Grey x Slate?
I love both ships! Grey x Turtle is extremely cute and Turtle Tail is so optimistic and cheery. But I’m going to pick Grey x Slate. I still really love Grey x Turtle, but I feel like Grey x Slate has more chemistry. I also like how Slate saved Grey Wing, and taught him about slates. It was also sweet how she showed him her secret hideout, and later on she was really kind towards him. When she told him she was going to have kits, Grey Wing’s reaction was really cute, and their interaction was so special and adorable!

Joy flooded [Grey Wing’s] heart like sunshine filling the sky. He was going to be a father. He purred a clumsy, wheezing purr. “My love,” he murmured, bringing his nose in Slate’s thick, warm fur. “Thank you.”

Of course, it isn’t flawless, and I don’t love how fast it moves forward. But I still ship them! Grey x Turtle is brilliant, but it was a bit annoying how Turtle Tail hinted her love for Grey Wing and just didn’t come out and say it. And when Turtle Tail tells Grey Wing that leaving the kits was even harder than leaving him…ehh. I still love it a lot, and it’s truly amazing, but I’m going to go with Grey x Slate!

Thank you so much for reading!
When did you start reading Warriors? 🙂
Mountainpaw *bows* is out!~

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    I agree with everything! Great article! <333


  • 1. Feathertail or Stormfur? Definitely Feathertail! She is the best! Oh, and comment if you agree with me: Shouldn’t Feathertail be in Starclan? I feel like she should. Anyways…
    2. Squirrelflight or Leafpool? This ones hard but I’m gonna have to go for Squirrelflight. She’s my second fav character and IDk, I’ve just always liked her from the start. She’s cool.
    3. Dovewing or Ivypool? This one was SO hard, but I finally decided on one: Ivypool. Ivypool is a great cat, and she’s very strong and powerful. Plus, I’m an Ivy x Blossom shipper, so I REALLY like her. But anyway thanks for posting this article!

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