Why rainsweptflower should have been jagged peaks mate instead by Bouncepaw

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Bouncepaw argues that Rainswept Flower and Jagged Peak should have been mates

Hello! I’m Bouncepaw and I’ve recently reared some of the dawn of the clans and I realized the relationship between rainswept flower and jagged peak

Today I’ll be telling you why I think if jagged peak would have been mates with rainswept flower instead of holly he wouldn’t become you know the mean cat he is in moth flights vision

1st reason: influence

In the beginning of the series when jagged peak twists his leg rainswept flower always goes in to comfort him every time! While holly just fuels his anger and rebellion influencing him to be more rude!

2nd reason: better for the clan

In mothflights vision when she comes back to windclan jagged peak and holly protests saying shes a traitor and convincing some of the clan, maybe if windstar wasn’t her mother than she might have been kicked out, even though she’s a great healer. But if he were with rainswept flower he would have been more welcoming like when she is alive he is kind to turtle tail and her kits when she comes back

3rd reason: their cuter together and it makes more sense

Ok so I was kinda shocked when a random rouge just comes along and become jagged peaks mate! It seems a bit forced to make kits and for mothflights vision but rainswept flower and jagged peak were connected over time with her comforting, though they never become mates before she dies they were still cute together!

4th: In hollys defense

True holly does help jagged peak gain his confidence back by pushing home though their might have been a better way

5th: evidence

Rainswept flower and jagged peak are always talking in the first 3 books if you loook

Oh man I need a lot more words 😅 so um REDESIGNING HOLLY AND JAGGED PEAKS KITS to rainswept flower instead!!!

Dew nose!: instead of a brown tabby she’d be a light gray tabby with blue eyes

Eaglefeather!: he’d stay brown but with blue eyes instead

Storm pelt!: he’d be a brown mottled tom with blue eyes maybe

Ok thank you for actually sitting through whatever this is! And if it had gone differently I’d have loved jagged peak and rainswept flower to be mates

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