Gay cats in warriors!!!🏳️‍🌈 by Flerkenpaw

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Flerkenpaw argues for the inclusion of LGBT+ characters in warriors!

Hi, I am flerkenpaw, and this is my second article. Hopefully my first one would have came out now, i wrote it when Lepoardstar´s Honor came out! I am writing this one the day before A Light In The Mist comes out, by the way. So, on with the article!
Warriors is a fandom that has many LGBT+ ships and headcanons. Some come ones are Talljake, Mothpool, RavenBarley, and trans redtail. I personally think that warriors can have gay ships! The authors mainly don´t write LGBT+ characters because the editors are forcing them not to, so I am trying to sway the minds of the authors.
1) Backlash: Many book series and stand alones have queer characters. Some include Wings of Fire, Hero, King and the Dragonflies, The Overthrow 3: Thrive, To Nightowl from Dogfish, ect. From what I have seen, these books don´t have nearly as mush backlash as Ducktales, Eternals, and The Owl House, mainly because they are books. I don know why, but books don´t get nearly as mush backlash as shows/movies. Warriors has been going on since 2003, I think they can handle a couple of homophobes. Also, ẅings of fire has queer characters yet has a tv show coming out. Does warriors? Some of my examples have rewards too.
2) But they are cats! you cry: So what? These are groups of feral cats living in the wild that can speak, have a organized and real magic ghost religion, magic herbs, superpowers, heaven/hell, possesing, and designs that break all cat genetics, yet you worry about if they are LGBT+? Even when they have been reports and studies of gay animals?! What about Roy and Silo, the gay penguins?
3) fandom: There are many popular gay ships in the fandom, like I mentioned earlier. A lot have real chemistry! Jake and Tallstar techniccally are canonacily in love, and Barley and Ravenpaw are definitely in love. I honestly think that the fans will be very happy to include gay characters, especially if they are a well written and loving couple. We are all going to ship Frostpaw and Whistlepaw anyway Erins/Editors, you can change our minds! Seriously, stand up to the karens of the world and add gay cats! Thank you for coming to my ted talk! Goodnight!

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  • Aloha,Hello,Hola, and Konnichiwa! I have so, so, so, SO many ships but here are my top 3 (Not including Raven X Barley, Jake X Tall, Ect) 1. Gray X Fire 2. Jay X Berry ( I am sorry lol) 3. Feather X Tawny ( Or Squirrel X Tawy UwU the better sibling lol)

  • “Jake and Tallstar techniccally are canonacily in love, and Barley and Ravenpaw are definitely in love. ”

    JakexTall isn’t canon, as well as BarelyxRavenpaw. The idea of these four being mates are simpy headcanons

  • In my warriors fanfic there are a CRAPTON of LGBTQ+ characters. They are:

    Brookflight: Lesbian
    Tulip: Bisexual
    Dreampelt aka me: Bisexual and pangender
    The warriors interpretation of my bf that I haven’t got an idea for a name yet: Bisexual
    Puddlestar: Non-binary
    Dawnspirit: AroAce
    Birchtree: Pansexual
    Snowbird: Demisexual homoromantic

    Like there are only 2 of the significant characters in my story that are straight and I really hope they add more characters as Ravenpaw and Tallstar are dead and no one’s heard about Barley being alive in the main series in like FOREVER as he is pretty darn old now

  • Best gay ships:
    -Shadow x Spire
    -Squirrel x Leafstar
    -Ivy x Blossom
    -Moth x Leaf
    -Jake x Tall
    -Barley x Raven
    -Feather x Sasha
    -Blue x Rose
    -Feather (tribe cat) x Flip
    -Ash x Thrush
    -Whistle x Frost
    Also, as a note to the editors of WCs:
    It is stupid to not allow the authors to put their beloved LGBT+ ships here bc Gay is something that happens in real life, if not every day, and saying that the authors can’t do that is disrespectful to LGBT+ people. So, if you want to be rude and make people mad, then fine, it’s your decision.

    • Lol, I wrote that so long ago. Anyways…
      I still agree with my past opinions. In fact, me and my cousin actually play a game with our beanie boos called “The Cat Clan”, and we have some gay relationships, such as:
      Atlas x Stickers
      Cassidy x Tasha
      Chewy x Slush
      Tsunami x Clarity
      There will be more…

  • Exactly, ppl are like ‘but they’re wild cats they mate to have kits, that’s not realistic’. Bear 🐻 in mind these are wild cats that talk, have a religion, religious rituals, law, war, an education system, battle strategy. I rlly want there to be more LGBTQ+ characters

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