Why Hollyleaf could’ve been in Dovewing’s place by Ashenpaw

Art by FelineSeraphim

Ashenpaw speculates as to what would happen if Hollyleaf had been part of the 3

Hello! This is a very interesting rant on how Hollyleaf is more deserving and should’ve been in Dovewing’s place in the power of three / omen of the stars.

First off, she is Jayfeather and Lionblazes sibling, resulting in them being close in age. Unlike Dovewing, who is old enough to be Jayfeather, Lionblaze, or Hollyleafs apprentice and even daughter! Dovewing just doesn’t fit in well. I think she’s a cute cat, but still a Mary sue that shouldn’t have been the third cat.

Second thing is, Dovewing’s fur is too bright. Whenever I look at something like fanart of the three, my eyes are just blasted with grey. Unlike Hollyleaf’s fur, which contrasts well with Jayfeather and Lionblaze’s.

Ok now back to book reasoning, Dovewings life is easy, unlike her sister Ivypool, who has to suffer training in the dark forest. Hollyleaf had to go through so much just to die in The Last Hope. She had to rescue the three kits with Lionblaze, Jayfeather, Heathertail, and Breezepelt in the tunnels when they were all apprentices, ASHFUR, getting stuck in the tunnels, and so much more. The only hard thing in Dovewing’s life is choosing wether she should date Bumblestripe or Tigerheart. And she chooses the illegal date, Tigerheart.

And a quick thing, the title of the 3rd arc is power of THREE, and only two out of three of the protagonists in that arc ACTUALLY have powers! I mean, Dovewing isn’t even alive until omen of the stars! Should it be titled power of two instead since Hollyleaf doesn’t have a power?

And lastly, Hollyleaf has to work really hard to achieve her goals. For example, when there’s a problem in Riverclan, Dovewing just has to listen a little and she finds out! I bet if Hollyleaf was the main protagonist of omen of the stars, she would sneak onto Riverclan territory risking her life to figure it out. In my opinion, it would’ve given omen of the stars more mysteries and drama.

So that concludes my rant:D Do you agree or disagree with me, yell at me telling me Hollyleaf sucks and Dovewing is the best most developed character, I’d like to see it. In fact, I’d LOVE to see you try to change my opinion on Dovewing and Hollyleaf. As hard as you try to, my opinion is written down on a piece of paper in SHARPIE that Hollyleaf is better then Dovewing. But if you DO agree with me, then tell me why IN DETAIL. Is it because you actually think my reasoning makes sense OR THE SHEER REASON YOU HATE DOVEWING. Lemme know down below in the comments:D anyways have a good day and eat some spaghetti os. B)

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