Debating Mapleshade by Smokeflower

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Smokeflower examines different opinions on Mapleshade

Hello there! It’s Smokeflower here with my third article.

So, I have read both Crookedstar’s Promise and Mapleshade’s Vengeance. Both were beautifully spun tales that made me both cry and maniacally laugh when the ‘villains” were defeated.

But who were those villains?
Was there any villain at all?
Or was it just a big misunderstanding?

Let’s find out.

Note: these debatees are fictional Blogclanners. they are merely personificated points of view. If any real Bloggclanner names were used, my apologies.

Orchidnose: Not supportive of Mapleshade’s actions. Has read Crookedstar’s Promise but not mapleshade’s vengeance.
Timbertail: Supportive of Mapleshade’s actions . Has read Mapleshade’s Vengeance but not Crookedstar’s Promise.

Orchidnose – Mapleshade was the villain. Of course there was a villain . She lied to Crooked. It was kind of a misunderstanding at the start. that was the whole reason Crooked joined her in the first place – because he thought she was from Starclan.

Timbertail – Ravenwing, Oakstar,Darkstar, Frecklewish and Appledusk were the villains. they were DEFINITELY the villains. Why else would Mapleshade do the stuff that she did? yes she lied at first, but she was always planning to reveal it later.

Smokeflower – So, do think that Mapleshade had reason to commit what she did, whether good or bad?

Timbertail – yes, she had good reasoning. Her clan exiled her and her mate abandoned her. her kits drowned because of them. I don’t think death is the best way to punish them. let them live with the guilt. It’s enough punishment.

Orchidnose – yes, but it was bad reasoning. Crookedstar, Rainflower, and all of them had nothing to do with the fact that Mapleshade’s kits died.

Timbertail – Maybe not, but like parents, like child.

Orchidnose – What do you mean by that?

Timbertail – I mean that children are highly impressionable. If their parent(s) is/ arre slow to anger, they’ll pick up on it. I’m saying that Oakstar, Goosefeather, all of them – have been talking bad about Mapleshade so that the young kits of the clan would talk bad about her too.

Smokeflower – Do you think that Mapleshade should be in the Dark Forest or Starclan? If DF, do you think that part of her is still salvageable?

Orchidnose – I think she is where she belongs- the Dark Forest. Killing… *counts in head* 14 cats is all right? And maybe? I mean, If she saw her kits again, maybe she’d get better.

Timbertail – I’m not sure where she should be. She killed and committed crimes, yes, but I think so much of her is salvageable that you’d just never know.

Smokeflower – Do you think that Mapleshade herself is at fault for her kits’ deaths?

Timbertail – Sort of. She shouldn’t have taken them across the river like that, but the whole reason she was CROSSING the river was because she was exiled. Then again, Ravenwing wouldn’t have known if she hadn’t been talking so freely with Appledusk… I think it was partially her fault, yes.

Orchidnose – Yeah, I think so. I guess, I agree with what Timber says. I’ve never read MV but it seems like something she would do.

Smokeflower – Now onto the Final Question – watch out, it’s a real brain boggler – Do you think that Mapleshade is evil?

Orchidnose – Yes.
Timbertail – No.

Orchidnose – Yes, bc those CRIMES, MAN!! they got her exiled.

Timbertail – No, because all she did was fall in love. You can’t possibly blame her. It’s happened to many other cats, and they never got exiled, even when it was forbidden.

Orchidnose – Yes, but they were all arguably punished some way or another. (Check out Brillig’s article sometime.)

Timbertail – True dat, true dat.

Smokeflower – That’s all for now! I probably won’t do part 2, because this conversation would go in circles for HOURS…

Anyways, have fun, be kind, and have a great day!

– Smokeflower

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  • I think it’s half and half. True, Mapleshade did turn kind of evil, but she wouldn’t have if her mate, the love of her life, TURNED ON HER when she was coming to him for refuge, and Ravenwing could have been more understanding of her situation! To be honest, Ravenwing was kind of a snitch on Mapleshade… So I’m torn between if she was really a bad cat or not, because of all the things that point to it not being her fault, but Appledusk’s, and Ravenwing’s.

  • At first I read Crookedstar’s promise which made me think that Mapleshade was pure evil, then when I read Mapleshade’s venegeance, well it pretty much changed my mind like, FOREVER. I almost cried after reading. So yeah, Mapleshade is a pretty AWESOME character. I mean like, Warriors also kill, for something, right?

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