Did the 6 cats need to go to the sun-drown place? by Frostheart

Art by Vialir

Frostheart analyzes the Sun-Drown Quest

Hello! This is my first article. I just finished TNP for the 2nd time. Please tell me in the comments what you thought about it. :3

Did the 6 cats need to meet Midnight at the sun-drown place? This is what I think about their journey:

Pros about going:
-learn way to sun-drown place, helpful for the Great Journey
-fulfill tribe prophecy
-meet the tribe cats

Cons about going:
-Feathertail died
-tribe cats tried to make Stormfur stay prisoner

What would have been different if they didn’t go?

Pros about staying:
-Feathertail would’ve lived longer
-Nobody would think they are missing
-It would not take up all of their time

Why couldn’t Starclan just tell them of destruction and that they needed to leave?
Well, they need to know where they were going. If they stayed, Feathertail would’ve lived longer. Crowfeather and Leafpool might not have had kits if only Feathertail had lived. But what if they were just going wherever on The Great Journey, and decided to go through the mountains? Would Feathertail still have died? We don’t know. If they stayed and Feathertail lived, what about the tribe prophecy? The tribe might be gone if they didn’t go to the sun-drown place. But if Feathertail lived, two of the three from the kin of your kin prophecy probably wouldn’t exist!!

No interesting POT plot
Feathertail lives longer
No cats are thought to be missing/dead
Don’t meet tribe
Tribe prophecy isn’t fulfilled

Go on that Journey:
Feathertail dies
Learn where to go on The Great Journey
Tribe prophecy is fulfilled
Meet Purdy and Midnight
Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw become closer together :3 <3

Overall, even though Feathertail died, I think it was worth it to go on that journey to the sun-drown place.It would’ve been quicker and saved more lives if Starclan just told them immediately, but then what about Purdy, Midnight, the tribe’s prophecy, and knowing where to go? The tribe cats might all be dead if Feathertail didn’t die to save them from Sharptooth. AND THEY NEEDED TO MEET PURDY. And Midnight. BUT MAINLY PURDY.

One last thing: In the Graystripe’s Adventure Manga it says that Firestar led the Clans out of the forest on The Great Journey. WRONG!!!! Brambleclaw and Squirrelpaw led Thunderclan. Crowpaw led Windclan. Tawnypelt led Shadowclan. Someone else led Riverclan since Feathertail was dead and Stormfur chose to stay with the tribe. Why: Because these cats knew where to go.

This concludes my article for now. Tell me what you think in
the comments. (please note this is my first time don’t judge too harsh)
Thank you for reading this I hope you liked the article. :3 =^-^=

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