[image description: an orange cat with green eyes is on the left side of the image with half of its face cut off. it wears a blue collar with a yellow bell and a nametag that has "usty" written on it. it's illuminated by flames behind it. "Fire Alone Can Save Our Clan..." is printed in yellow at the bottom of the image and "Kennu-15" is signed in the top right corner]

Firestar by Adderpaw

Art by MeggisCat

Adderpaw argues that Firestar is a Mary Sue character

Hi-hi! I’m Adderpaw (you can call me Adder) and I’m happy to meet you! I’m discussing why Firestar is clearly a Mary Sue/Gary Stu.

In the very beginning, he has weird dreams from StarClan, because he will apparently SAVE THE CLAN. He’s basically ten years old, and he ventures into the forest by himself where his capable, older, more intelligent friend warns him that the cats there are very violent and cruel. He somehow beats an apprentice who has more training, strength, speed, and agility, in the darkness and shadows where he can’t see properly, in less than five seconds!

And then Firestar goes willingly along with some evil death cats who need ‘new, strong, smart warriors’ and pick a fat, underworked, bored, kittypet with owners that ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT HIM.

Bluestar sees that he’s orange and is like ‘OH MY STARCLAN HE’S ORANGE AAAAH OH STARCLAN HE’S THE cHoSeN ONE” (lol). If Firestar was black or gray, then he wouldn’t get in, would he? Also, there were two other ginger cats in ThunderClan alone. Then he fights for six seconds, him, a ten-year-old in human years, plump, drooling and picking his perfect nose as we speak, MERCILESSLY ripping off the ear of a seasoned TWENTY-FIVE YEAR-OLD trained under the best warriors of the Clan and who has been training for probably YEARS every day.

The cats practically cheer when Firestar shreds THEIR OWN CLAN MEMBER’S ear off, and then when Longtail grabs his collar they all pick up rotten tomatoes and large, dangerous objects.

And then everyone is like “Yay, Longtail’s ear is gone!” without paying ANY attention to the fact that SOME GARY STU KITTYPET injured their OWN CLAN MEMBER.

Next, his anxious and mentally disturbed friend lets him know that a Clan member (Tigerstar, WHO HAS BEEN IN THE CLAN FOR YEARS) killed somebody! *gasp* And Bluestar believes him!

And also, Firestar was right in the end! The word over some kittypet who joined your Clan, like, ONE WEEK AGO over a strong cat who has been a ThunderClanner for, like, his WHOLE LIFE.

“The moment Bluestar found you, I became nothing!”
– Tigerstar, The Last Hope

And then Firestar effortlessly murders a brutal cat who has KILLED a stronger, more ruthless tom (Tigerstar) than many other cats!

And then Firestar dies heroically. HE WON’T EVEN LET HIS OTHER CLAN MEMBERS HELP HIM.

In the words of Whitestorm, “It’s Firestar’s battle.” But just think. Think about Swiftpaw, think about Redtail, think about Oakheart, think about Bluestar. It is NOT Firestar’s battle. I bet Ravenpaw would have LOVED killing that evil cat! It will NEVER be Firestar’s battle. Firestar is selfish, and with every moment that passes with Tigerstar still alive, every cat is in danger. Instead he does a good, heroic monologue while winking at the ladies, paw on his chest, spotlight on his perfect, shining fur that blows just so in the wind.

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