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Giving Wings Of Fire Warrior Names and Who is the most like Hollyleaf by Polarpaw

Polarpaw gives warrior names to Wings of Fire characters

Giving Wings Of Fire Warrior Names!
Hi I’m Polarpaw/moon, or Polar Bear that Shines Like Moon! (Previously Splashpaw/pool or Splash that Ripples the Pool, or Hollypaw/ear) I’ll be talking about what wings of fire dragons warrior names would be! And… one lucky dragon will be a match with Hollyleaf!
Kestrel: Kestrelclaw, she’s rude and that’s her name
Dune: Sandflight, because sand dune and dragons fly
Webs: Webwing, because his first name and he’s a dragon
Clay: Clayheart, because his name is Clay and he is really kind
Starflight: Starryflight, because in NTA they used Starry’ as a prefix, and the suffix is the ‘flight of his name
Glory: Brightbark, because she’s bright but snappy, and the suffix ’bark means Tough; guarded; intelligent; logical, and that is SO her
Tsunami: Waveclaw, a tsunami is a wave, and she’s rude and snappy
Sunny: Sunnybeam, because she’s so nice and sun is in her name, and she’s really misunderstood
Turtle: Turtleheart, he’s kind and Turtle is his name
Anemone: can’t think of any for her tbh
Kinkajou: Brightpaw/blaze, she is SOO bright, and her energy is a big BLAZE of happiness and enthusiasm
Qibli: Sandpaw/pool because Qibli is an oasis and oasis have sand and water
Winter: Leaffrost, kinda like leaf-bare, and I have no idea why I put Leaf’
Icicle: Icicleclaw, she’s rude and that’s her name
Moonwatcher (Moon): Moonpaw/stream/glare/sight, she’s calm, quiet, kind, reads minds and sees future (sight), and watcher is kinda like ’glare
Blue: Blueheart/pool, he’s calm and his name
Luna: Moonblaze, Luna means moon and she’s fiery
Cricket: Cricketmouth, because she talks too much
Sundew: Leafclaw, I think sundew in warriors have leafs on them, and she’s rude and snappy, also honoring her leafspeak
Willow: Willowseed, honoring her name and leafspeak, couldn’t think of anything else for her
Swordtail: Clawbutt, he’s annoying and a sword is like a claw. But just kidding, Thistledust OR Bristledust OR Clawdust because thistles/bristles/claws are sharp like swords and he’s dumb as dust
Snowfall: I could make her name Snowfall, but that would be boring so instead I will call her Fiercelight, because she’s all fiery and fierce on the outside, but is a nice great queen underneath
Lynx: Lynxheart, Lynx is just pure AWESOME. She’s kind, nice, adventurous, and curious. She DESERVES a name that means something good
Tundra: I’m just adding this rude IceWing for fun, and I think she’d be a Frostglare, because I think she’s always frowning, and she tries to be the perfect “wall” IceWing
Who matches Hollyleaf?
A lot of people match her with cats who are rude, good fighters, but really, she and Hollyleaf are a match. In the beginning, Hollyleaf had wanted to do anything to help her clan. First was a medicine cat, but second, was a leader. Tsunami always dreamed of being queen, and thought, “Maybe I am the queen’s lost heir.” She was, but didn’t know until she was over SIX years old. Hollyleaf was related to the leader, Firestar. Tsunami always wanted to fight, but she soon realized that she didn’t need to be queen to do that. Hollyleaf, after being in the tunnels for so long, lost her ambition to become leader. You may think, “Hollyleaf is no fighter.” But do you remember the part in the book where Hollyleaf always trained extra hard, because she was jealous or Lionblaze? She’s a fighter.

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