Defending Brambleclaw, and attacking Brambleclaw by Snowcloud

Artwork by Vialir

Snowcloud gives a balanced analysis on Brambleclaw

Hi, my name is Snowcloud and I’m new in Blog clan, so this is my first article, I hope you enjoy.

(Warning, spoilers)

Why Brambleclaw Why He is a Good Cat
He is one of the most hardworking cats in Warrior Cat history. He is extremely loyal to his clan, heck! At first everyone treated him and his sister like mouse-dung, they treated him so bad, his sister left to live with her father, but he still stayed in Thunder Clan and proved his loyalty more than once. He went to the sundown place and almost sacrificed his life more than once to save the clans. Then they moved to the lake and he was tempted to kill Firestar but instead he killed his brother to save Firestar. Then he fought bravely and almost died on the Dark Forest Battle (I forgot the names of the books). And then he was a really, humble, and good leader. SO BRAMBLESTAR IS A GOOD! Right?

Why He Is A Bad Cat:

OK first, he is the most stubborn, arguing cat in the world (Read the second series first book again, you’ll see what I mean). He treats apprentices worst than Fox Dung, who does that! Then when goes to the journey, I think he was bossier than Crowpaw/feather. Then when they fought the mountain lion, he could have saved Feather tail, like try to jump on top of the lion, do something! I got so angry at all the cats in the journey, so this may only be me. But anyway, it just got worst! As he moved to the like, he got easily manipulated by Tigerstar, even if all his clan told him that Tigerstar is the worst cat ever in Clan History. Then when he turned into a leader the Sister came and lived right next to the clan territory, and then Sky Clan needs more territory. Instead of waiting like Squirrleflight suggested, they had to go threw a huge battle, and before that, he treated his mate like fresh Mouse-Dung, and it was his fault Leafpool died and Squirrleflight almost died with her.

So that’s it, all I could come up with hope you enjoyed
Have a great day!

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