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Bristlelight explains why they love Bristlefrost!

ATTENTION! Quick word of warning: MAJOR SPOILERS ahead for A Light in the Mist! If you have not read the book and you do not want it to be spoilt, PLEASE TURN BACK NOW!

For a long time, Squirrelflight has been my favourite character in Warriors. She has a great personality, I loved reading her Super Edition, and I sympathise with her for having to deal with an abusive mate.

A Light in the Mist was a very emotional book for me. A certain scene from it has haunted my dreams and one night I was not able to sleep because I kept thinking about it. I did not know that a book could cut so deep in my heart.

Two very important cats passed away in A Light in the Mist. If you have read the book, you should probably know that they are Bristlefrost and Greystripe. Both of them were posthumously named Lights in the Mist. However, there is a great difference between these deaths.

Greystripe was an old warrior. He had been alive ever since the first book of the series. Thus, I believe he has earnt his rest. He also got to go to StarClan.

Bristlefrost, however, was different in every aspect. She was very young when she died. Furthermore, she drowned in the water in the Dark Forest along with Ashfur, causing her spirit to be lost forever. She never got to hear Rootspring confess his true, undying love for her. The key thing, though, is that she sacrificed her own life and spirit to save the Clans. She died as the greatest hero that the Clans would ever know.

Bristlefrost’s death scene honestly felt so hopeless, and my heart ached as I read about her sinking into the water, never to see the light again. Also, even though later in the book we see hope being restored (albeit a cliché), I still feel so sad every time I think about Bristlefrost.

Here is the thing; I am not the kind of person who cries after a sad scene in a movie or book or stuff like that. But after I read Bristlefrost’s death scene, I put my device down and I actually began to cry. And it wasn’t just a couple little sniffles. I actually shed tears. I turned off the light and tried to sleep, but the image of Bristlefrost sinking into black water kept flashing in my head, and I could not sleep until at least an hour later.

However, Bristlefrost’s death was not all for nought. She went to kill Ashfur, knowing very well what could happen, and succeeded, ending up breathing her last breath along with him. She made the ultimate sacrifice and saved the Clans from a very dark future.

When Bristlefrost died, I was shocked. Everything seemed to be going so fast. I felt pain in my heart as I realised Bristlefrost would never come back, and as I recalled the last two years, I realised I cared more about Bristlefrost than I’d ever thought. But she was gone now. Forever.

It made me recall a lyric from Blixemi’s song “I’ll Be Complete”. It goes: “We never listen for the songs around us until the sound is still.” I realised how sickeningly true this lyric was. I never knew how much I liked Bristlefrost’s character, until she died. Truly, there are just some things you can’t take for granted, but that you do anyway.

Bristlefrost’s death scene heavily impacted me in this way, causing me to think more about the choices I make in my life. From now on I have decided to be careful and to remember that anyone I care for could possibly be gone in a heartbeat, just like Bristlefrost.

And for all these reasons, I have come to my decision. From this day forth, Bristlefrost will be my favourite character from Warriors. Squirrelflight is a great cat, don’t get me wrong, but I believe Bristlefrost is now more deserving of that title, after the time I have spent thinking more about what I really think of her.

To honour Bristlefrost and her sacrifice, I am changing my name on this site from Shadowsong to Bristlelight. Bristlefrost is now my favourite character, and I doubt anything could ever change that. She is the greatest cat I have ever read about, even better than Squirrelflight.

I poured my heart into this article, so my deepest gratitude goes to you for taking the time to read this! Have a great day, and I hope my article enlightened you!

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  • Great article! Bristlefrost was also my favourite character, when I haven’t read to The Broken Code yet I thought Feathertail was my favourite character but after i read The Broken Code Bristlefrost is my new favourite character.

  • I LOVE BRISTLEFROST!!!!!!!!! I wished she could have lived and had kits with Rootspring. I will go to Mars and cry if she’s not brought back as Bristlekit. She reminds me of Mercury from Solarballs… they both follow rules and slowly stand up to Sun/Ashfur. I read this from the fandom page of Mercury. And now I realize he’s so much like Bristlefrost. If I had to give him a warrior name maybe Mercuryfrost after Bristlefrost or Mercurylight I don’t know. It’s on YouTube I recommended it. ( I can’t watch because I’m not allowed)

  • I agree so much,, her death also made me cry, and I very rarely cry from movies or books. The only other time I cried from warriors, I think, was Ravenpaw’s Farewell. I still hold Dovewing as my favorite cat due to growing up with her, plus the fact that fandom treats her so poorly sometimes. and I heavily relate to her, but Bristlefrost is very close up there!

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