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Mintypaw analyses some popular love triangles!

Hi BlogClan!!!!! It’s Minty with a new article for you all to read! So today I wanted to discuss whether we should ship or don’t ship the following. Let’s get started right away!

(WARNING: Spoilers ahead for TPB, TNP, TPoT and Bramblestar’s Storm!!!!!)

1. GrayXSilver OR GrayXMillie
Honestly, GrayXSilver is much better in my opinion. Why? Well, I’ve got to admit Millie was a bad mother to Blossom and Bumble. In ‘Bramblestar’s Hope’, when there was the flood, Millie only asked Briar if she was okay, and even said to Bramblestar that if Briar didn’t come back safely, she would never forgive him. Now that’s not how you talk to your leader even if your kit is in danger-isn’t it? Also, I think GrayXSilver is much cuter(no offense).

2. LeafXCrow OR FeatherXCrow OR NightXCrow
Okay, so first of all let’s get this straight: NightXCrow is one of my least favorites. I predict you’ll know why. So now that NightXCrow is out, Leaf or Feather? PLEASE, this is my opinion. I’m sure a lot, I mean, MANY MANY of you will disagree with me but I prefer to ship LeafXCrow. Don’t scream and go say, “WHY?!?!” I really liked their forbidden romance dramas, actually. I was really sad when the two cats realized they weren’t meant for each other and turned away. Crow is too not emotional!!! He seemed okay with leaving her… FeatherXCrow is very cute, I admit, but my heart will choose LeafXCrow, and hopefully, Crow chooses Leaf in StarClan.

3. FireXSand OR FireXSpotted
I really liked Spotted and Fire at first, because Sand was very mean to him. But then Spotted died! I think she died too quickly, and I didn’t get to know her better. Maybe if I read more super edition books, I’ll find out more. But anyway, let’s get back to the topic. So then from when Fire saved Sand from falling down the cliff(was it a cliff?) she stopped looking at Fire menacingly, then later they became friends, and then mates. So my honest opinion is: FireXSand!!

4. JayXHalf OR JayXBriar OR JayXStick
Umm… let me make myself clear here. I think JayXStick is the funniest ship ever, but if you ask me if I’m shipping it, the answer is sadly no. It’s because I feel it as a nice joke;not a serious one. So it’s between JayXHalf and JayXBriar. I really love JayXHalf ship. The reason is that Jay and Half really loved each other. But Jay and Briar… he didn’t seem to be that interested in Briar as much as Half. Jay felt ANNOYED by her. You can all assume Briar felt similar due to the grumpy medicine cat. Therefore, it’s JayXHalf!!!!!!!!

Alright, that sums everything up! I might make a part two for this article because you know, there are a lot of ships that need thoughts. Thanks for reading!!!!

Minty <3

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  • Sorry, but I have a DEEP love for JayXBriar when Briar dies, Jay feels love for her. He saids that she never gave up..sniff…I’m NoT CrYiNg, YoUr cRyInG….

  • I think that I would ship Gray x Millie, None of the Crow ships (I do ship Mothpool though!), Fire x Sand, and Jay x Stick as a joke but I would seriously ship Jay x Briar.

  • I think JayxBriar is really cute, Jayfeather was really affected by Briarlight’s death, and also, he didn’t really KNOW Half-Moon, y’know? Also, I think Greystripe should’ve TOTALLY ended up with Millie.

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