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To Ship or Not to Ship by Drizzlepaw

Art by Alangelai

Drizzlepaw analyses some ships – what do you think?

Hi, I’m Polarpaw/moon. Right now, it is November 12th, and I am hereby decrying my new OC name, … Drizzlepaw/drop or Drizzle after Heavy Raindrops!! (I also go by Hollypaw/ear, Splashpaw/pool, Pebblepaw, and Bearpaw) I will be talking about who doesn’t belong together, and how they should be!
Squirrelflight with who?
Bramblestar or Ashfur?
I’m not sure. If Squirrelflight was with Ashfur, maybe he would have calmed down and wouldn’t cause StarClan to disappear?? Not sure on this one, they are both terrible.

Ivypool with who?
Fernsong, Blossomfall, or Hawkfrost?
Fernsong. I forget most about him, but I do know, Blossomfall is a terrible cat, and in one of my previous articles, I did say why, so Blossomfall is out. Hawkfrost too, though. Ivypool never had a good relationship with him, I don’t think, and when she found out he was evil, well, do I have to say more?

Greystripe with who?
Millie or Silverstream?
I say Millie. I never liked the Greystripe x Silverstream ship, it was kind of like a high school crush. They were very underdeveloped. Here’s how it went:
Greystripe almost drowns. Silverstream comes and saves him. She wants nothing to do with him. Greystripe privately asks to meet in private. Silverstream says yes, not knowing he has a crush on her. They meet. Greystripes decides she is his true love. Silverstream doesn’t know what to say, but then she agrees to meet more. They meet more. Silverstream grows to like him. She gets pregnant. She dies giving birth. It was kind of an unrealistic crush. Like in Glee (if you have seen the show), when Quinn dates Puck, gets pregnant.
Millie actually helped Greystripe. When Greystripe had a cold, Silverstream knew, but they still kept meeting, even though he could get his clan sick. He did get his clan sick.
Millie on the other paw, gained Greystripe’s courage to go on the quest home.

Jayfeather with who?
Half Moon, Briarlight, or Stick?
Stickkkkk. Let’s see why not Half Moon first.
1. Half Moon is an ancient. They could have never been together. Jayfeather had to be in reality.
2. Half Moon wouldn’t have been Stoneteller if she had been with Jayfeather.
That’s all the reasons I have for her. Now let’s see Briarlight.
1. Briarlight couldn’t live long. She had a broken spine, and everyone knows she would have died sooner or later. Briarlight is awesome, but she shouldn’t be with Jayfeather.
That’s all I have for her. Let’s see why the stick.
Jayfeather is grumpy… he shouldn’t be with those bright, awesome cats. Jayfeather is disrespectful. Half Moon and Briarlight, are not. Briarlight broke her spine, fetching prey for Mousefur. See?? Kind-hearted and respectful. Now, the stick, it’s not real, couldn’t be his mate. But! He did have an obsession with it. I feel bad for Rock, though. That was an ancient stick, and Jayfeather, in the end, broke the stick. So, basically, killed his future mate.

Crowfeather with who?
Leafpool, Nightcloud, or Feathertail?
I’m just gonna say this. I don’t like Leafpool or Feathertail. You could say I hate them with a burning passion. Crowfeather and Feathertail were like a highschool crush. Sure, they liked each other, but, one, Crowfeather was an apprentice. Apprentices only have ‘crushes’. And two, they were in different clans, only going on a quest. They had to be all friends to get along. I think Nightcloud is a fine cat, but she doesn’t deserve a cat who doesn’t love her back. That’s all I need to say about her. But, I’m going to say Leafpool, even though I dislike her, because she gave birth to my favorite cat, Hollyleaf.

Dovewing with who?
Tigerheart/star, Lionblaze, or Bumblestripe?
Okay, I know people don’t ship Dovewing with Lionblaze, but hear me out. They got along pretty well, were both in the prophecy, and ye… But, I don’t ship her with him, just getting an idea out. Tigerheart, well, I don’t like him… so he is a big fat NO! And Bumblestripe? He was obsessive. Not in an ‘Ashfur’ way, but, he asked about kits at Purdy’s funeral. Not them. They don’t belong together. So, Dovewing with ………… no one.

Last, to wrap things up, Firestar with who?
Sandstorm, Greystripe, or Spottedleaf?
Greystripe and Firestar were best friends, and I think they could of made a cute gay couple. Spottedleaf was also like a highschool crush, so not her. Sandstorm gave birth to boring Leafpool over here, but Leafpool gave birth to Hollyleaf which is AWESOME. So, I’m tied with Sandstorm and Greystripe.

– Polarpaw/moon or Drizzlepaw/drop

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