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Mountainstorm shares funny and memorable moments from the series.

Art by ninetail-fox

Hello kits, apprentices, warriors, elders, medicine cats!
Warriors books are filled with a lot of grief, sorrow, sadness, violence, darkness and death. Amongst all these dreadful moments there have to be some good moments as well! Well, there aren’t many, but I tried my best to hunt down every funny scene!
The way I wrote this article is a bit different, and hard to understand, so here’s a quick guide to help you navigate through all the confusing stuff:

Headline: This will be kinda like a headline in a newspaper.
When: I will say when the funny moment takes place. (In which book, where, and what page)
What: A quick summary of what’s happening, and why I think this scene is funny)
Quote: I will give the quote so you can read it too!
I wanted to make this kinda like a newspaper, with headlines and shocking news! I hope it turned out okay. 🙂

Fierce and brave medicine cat Cinderpaw stands up to fearsome warrior in times of trouble!
When: Forest of Secrets, Sunning Rocks, page 221
What: In a moment of pressure and darkness, when a difficult, deadly kitting takes place at Sunning Rocks, there is no time to lose! One extra working tongue needed to keep a newborn kit alive.
I like this moment because in a very nerve-wracking moment when Silverstream is losing her life while giving birth to her kits, Featherkit and Stormkit, comes a little funny part as well, when Cinderpaw hisses at Tigerclaw to get going.

Cinderpelt let out a shout of triumph. “You’ve done it, Silverstream!” Moments later she turned with a second tiny kit in her jaws, and set it down in front of Tigerclaw. “Here. Lick.”
Tigerclaw glared at her. “I’m not a medicine cat.”
Cinderpaw’s blue eyes blazed as she rounded on the deputy. “You’ve got a tongue, haven’t you? Lick, you useless lump of fur. Do you want the kit to die?”

It’s a great day in ThunderClan- except for unfortunate apprentice, Foxpaw.
When: Eclipse, ThunderClan camp, page 43
What: An unfortunate misunderstanding takes place between a gathering of apprentices. I like this moment because it always makes me laugh. And it has awesome Foxpaw in it. 🙂

“I was just showing Icepaw how I was going to catch a fox and earn my warrior name,” Foxpaw mewed. “I want to be called Foxcatcher!”
“Well, you proved you can catch a sleeping cat!” Honeypaw teased.
Icepaw jumped to her brother’s defense. “He’ll catch a real fox one day!”
“Yeah, right.” Poppypaw tossed a wad of moss at the white apprentice.
Foxpaw leaped and caught the moss before it reached his sister, batting it back towards Poppypaw. “I will catch one; you just wait!”
“You couldn’t catch greencough!” Poppypaw taunted him.
“Yes I could!” Foxpaw argued.
The other apprentices purred with amusement.
“I mean I could catch anything I want,” Foxpaw backtracked quickly.

Jaypaw catches a tree! Big piece of prey that would be rather tough to eat!
When: Long Shadows, ancient times at the lake, page 201 and 202
What: Jaypaw, at the moment Jay’s Wing, has to get used to being able to see! It’s difficult to hunt when you’ve never learned to, but Jaypaw quickly caught something! Except for the minor setback that it’s a tree.
I enjoyed reading this because I thought it was cool how Jaypaw found it hard to see, and had to close his eyes and rely on his other senses instead, the ones he was used to. It was also interesting to see that he didn’t get angry when Fish Leap teased him. Plus, it was quite funny.

“I’m fine,” Jaypaw repeated through gritted teeth. But Fish Leap was right: Stumbling around like a blind badger would scare off all the prey. Jaypaw closed his eyes, and instantly felt more comfortable. His other senses grew sharp again, telling him which way to go. Scents and sounds swirled around him, calling up a far clearer picture of his surroundings than he could gain from his eyes.
“Jay’s Wing?” Dawn River sounded puzzled and concerned. “Have you gone to sleep on your paws?”
Startled, Jaypaw veered away from the sound of her voice. His eyes flicked open just in time to see the rough bark of a tree in front of his nose. There was no time to stop before he crashed right into it.
“Wow!” Fish Leafp exclaimed, his voice trembling with amusement. “You caught a tree!”

Apprentice horrified at the thought of getting his warrior name after his kit-hood injury!
When: Outcast, ThunderClan camp, page 17 and 18
What: Young cat Berrypaw fears getting a warrior name after his stumpy tail. But Berrypaw isn’t the only apprentice who’s worried…
I found this scene quite amusing! It was funny to see Berrypaw worried over something like this!

“I hope Firestar has forgotten about my tail,” Berrypaw mewed anxiously. “He might use it to give me my warrior name.”
Berrypaw’s tail was just a short stump. When he was a kit he had snuck out of the camp to go hunting and caught his tail in a fox trap.
“What, Berrystumpytail?” Poppypaw suggested. “That would be a mouthful!”
“Oh, no!” Berrypaw wailed. “Firestar wouldn’t, would he?” […] Suddenly alarmed, Jaypaw thought over what Brightheart had said. “You don’t think Leafpool might mention that I’m blind when she gives me my full medicine cat name?” he muttered into Hollypaw’s ear.
“Like Jayno-eyes? That’s just as stupid as Berrystumpytail,” his sister replied.
You think it’s stupid, but will Leafpool-”

Warm weather= brothers playing like kits!
When: Bramblestar’s Storm, page 300 and 301
What: It’s a warm, beautiful day, and brothers Jayfeather and Lionblaze can’t resist a little play-fight!
I adore this moment! It’s one of my favorites in the Warriors books, actually. I really love how both Jayfeather and Lionblaze are still kits at heart, and their relationship is pretty cute here!

Scuffling broke out behind them with a mock growl from Lionnblaze. “Die, ShadowClan trespasser!”
“Get off, you great lump!” Jayfeather protested, though there was laughter in his voice.
Squirrelflight whipped around. “Honestly! How old are you both?”
The two brothers broke apart. “Sorry,” Lionblaze muttered, though his eyes glimmered with mischief. “I don’t know what came over me.”
“I’ll get you later,” Jayfeather promised as they set out again.

Shocking discovery! First-ever medicine cats in training snore!
When: Moth Flight’s Vision, page 206
What: When medicine cat of SkyClan and medicine cat of WindClan have an educational sleepover with their RiverClan medicine cat friend, they learn they have to share a nest together for the night! Some other shocking discoveries follow.
I love this moment! Moth x Micah is my second favorite ship, and I find this cute interaction between them really sweet and funny.

As River Ripple disappeared inside his den, Moth Flight glanced shly at Micah. She’d only ever shared a nest with her brother before. Dust Muzzle had always teased her that it was like sleeping next to a badger. “I’m afraid I snore.”
“Good.” He took another bite of fish. “I snore too.”

Those are the funniest moments I could collect! (This was really fun to write ^^ ) Do you have any more funny moments from the books> Which, in your opinion, is the most amusing moment? 🙂
Have an awesome week, and I hope to see you again soon in another article! 😀

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  • I’m remembering this really funny moment:
    Tree: “There are two things I know about Clan cats. They don’t like strangers on their land, and they take everything way too seriously.”
    Violetpaw: “I don’t!”
    Tree: “You seem to be taking this very seriously.”
    Violetpaw: “That’s because it is serious!”
    Darkest Night Pg.242
    To be honest I do think she was taking it very seriously.

  • 🐢🪶~🐱turtlepaw/turtlefeather ~☮💕looking for a mentor!💕☮~♀she her♀~🐢🪶 says:

    berrystumpytail and jayno-eyes sound like they would be related to
    (ToPH) boulderbutt

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