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Top 5 apprentices brightheart should have gotten by Bouncepaw

Bouncepaw lists apprentices Brightheart should have mentored.

Artwork by Spirit-Of-Alaska

Brightheart! A great warrior despite her injury and has proven herself time and time again! But for some dang reason firestar couldn’t remember his promise a book later and she never got one. I’m going to suggest some apprentices that I think would have suited her instead of their original mentors

Brightheart has much to teach regular cats with only being able to see hunt and fight out of one eye, she is also very knowledgeable with herbs and is kind excepting friendly and cheery

This could work well with….


1- fernsong
Fernsong has a soft heart and calm personality which would have matched brightheart personality and style! Learning how to defend would be useful for him to as a nursery dad type! And would have been able to work well with brightheart as not with some other warriors because of their ferocity


Icecloud is a kind but cheery cat and eager to learn as an apprentice since brightheart is kinda white to that would help icecloud in the winter training and missing an eye would give icecloud some better awareness of her surroundings so maybe she would have fell into a cave entrance if she noticed something with bright hearts training. They would work well together and icecloud I think would have learned more


Maybe having hazeltail as her apprentice would have been b tree it would give her more character and they are kinda similar. It would definitely make hazeltail less bland with a better skill of awareness because of brightheart training with her disability

4- flywhisker

Flywhisker and twigbranch are a good pair for story wise but in matching training it would be brightheart cause of her gentle nature would help flypaw with training and not being so fidgety like around twigbranch

5- rosepetal

Rosepetal is also a gentle she cat who’s a good warrior as well her and brightheart would make a good dou and rosepetal I feel would understand her training methods cause she seems like an adapatable cat

And that’s the top 5 apprentices I think brightheart should have or would have gotton if she had the chance!

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  • I agree with all of this but I think that Hazel tail was fine as she was. I don’t think that it would have benifited her whether Bright Heart was her mentor or not but this article was great.
    I do agree that bright heart deserved an apprentice especially after the whole issue with Jaypaw /feather.

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