10 Names I dislike by Juniperbranch

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Juniperbranch lists some names they dislike – do you agree?

Hi everyone, this is my first article. In this article, I will be listing warrior cat names that I dislike. [I will not be listing the names in order of how much I dislike them!]

10. Foxheart
It is well known in the warrior series that ‘fox heart’ is an insult. I think it is going a bit to far to give a cat this name even if it sort of fits her and the fact that she didn’t seem to mind it.

9. Twigbranch
This one eventually grew on me but it was still very awkward when I first read it and also a bit dissapointing

8. Lostface
Lostface is a downright cruel name. Bluestar had no right to do that to brightheart who already suffered a lot.

7. Maggottail
I don’t know much about this character but this is also just cruel to give such a name. I hope he was at least renamed and his mother didn’t actually name him ‘Maggotkit’.

6. Clawface
I find this name to be awkward and just downright bad. I don’t know what he did to deserve the name ‘Clawface’ besides probably having a scratched or ugly face.

5. Stoneteller
I just don’t like that the leader of the tribe of rushing water has to be renamed ‘Stoneteller’. I would probably like this name more if it was for a single cat only.

4. Runningnose
I personally like Runningnose as a character but his name is a bit of a different story. It’s sort of cute, but also a bit… odd or even weird. I just have a problem with this name that I can’t quite pinpoint.

3. Loudbelly
There isn’t any really in depth reason for disliking this name. I just don’t like it. But it does remind me of graystripe.

2. Yellowfang
I love Yellowfang as a character but her name really didn’t give me the best first impressions. I found it as an ugly and bad name but over time the name, like Twigbranch’s, slowly grew on me.

1. Tiny
Yes, I’m talking about scourge. ‘Tiny’ is admittedly a cute name, and I can’t blame Quince or prehaps his twolegs for naming him that- because he is tiny. But for scourge who hated being small… well it really just wasn’t a good name for him. So for this one it’s mostly the meaning it has for this cat that I dislike otherwise I’m pretty okay with it. For example: ‘Tinycloud’.

That’s it. There may be some names out there that I couldn’t think of for this article so if you think a name should have been mentioned here, please let me know in the comments. Ohand just to let you know, names that I do very much like that some of you may dislike are: Deadfoot, Goosefeather, Bouncefire, and Sneezecloud. Daisytoe is a neutral name for me. Other than that I don’t have much else to say so have a good rest of the day!

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