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A Complete Tour Of Thunderclan’s Territory by Crowpaw

Crowpaw shows off ThunderClan’s territory.

Artist unknown (Source: Redbubble)

Welcome to my 1st or 2nd article! Today I will be giving a tour of Thunderclan’s old territory! And yes this is a pic article. Lets begin.

We are going to start with the camp.

Official art by James L. Barry

as you can see here, Thunderclan’s camp is in a large hollow. On the left there is a tree root that is coming out of the hollow walls with a white cat lounging on it. There are large boulders in the ground with several cats lounging on them, specifically, a brown tabby, 2 yellow-ish cats on separate boulders, and a blue-gray cat. Under the tree root coming out of the wall there is a possible den or a possible entrance, a light ginger cat is walking into the clearing from the possible entrance or possible den.

Artist unknown (Source: Goodreads and Pinterest)

In this different example, it labels the dens and The Highrock. Now let’s move on to areas outside camp.

Artist unknown (Source: Goodreads)

This is Sunningrocks. It is technically on Thunderclan’s territory, yet Riverclan and Thunderclan often fight over who it belongs to. It’s used commonly for hunting prey and/or basking in the sun.

Art by joestartechnique

This is Snakerocks. It’s a large pile of rocks used commonly for hunting. But cats must be careful of the adders that live in the rocks.

Official art by James L. Barry

This is The Great Sycamore. It’s a large Sycamore tree in Thunderclan territory. It can be used to practice climbing.

Official art

This is The Owl Tree. The Owl Tree is an oak tree that is home to an owl. It’s not commonly used for anything. It’s just kinda there…

Landscape created in Flowscape by dewdropcat

This is The Sandy Hollow. It’s a sandy hollow (obviously) surrounded by trees. It’s commonly used as a training ground for apprentices. It’s a good training ground due to the soft sand.

Photography by Ryan Mckinnon

(I’m sorry this is a bad pic) These is the Tall Pines. It’s basically just a big pine tree forest. It’s commonly used for hunting. Firestar often goes through the Tall Pines when he visits Princess.

Official art by James L. Barry

This is the Thunderpath. “Thunderpath” is the clan term for roads, streets, and highways. The Thunderpath has a hard stone surface that is usually black or dark gray. Monsters, the clan term for vehicles, cross the Thunderpath very quickly. So cats need to scurry quickly to get across safely. Otherwise, cats could get hit by Monsters and most likely die. If they are not killed they are most likely permanently injured like Cinderpelt.

Well that was my article! Have a good morning/day/afternoon/evening/night!

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  • Thank you for this! I often spend a lot of time researching the territories when writing fanfiction and this really helps! Even though it was in the old forest.

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