StarClan — Not as Good as You Think by Drizzledrop

Drizzledrop takes a look at StarClan’s place in the overall series.

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Hi! It’s Drizzlepaw/drop. You may know me as Hollypaw/ear, Splashpaw/pool, Pebblepaw, Bearpaw, Polarpaw/moon and I’d just like to share my tribe names, because why not. For Drizzlepaw, it’s Drizzle after Heavy Raindrops. For Hollypaw, it’s Holly that falls from Bush. For Splashpaw, it’s Splash That Ripples Pool. For Polarpaw it’s Polar Bear that Shines like Moon. I don’t have one for Pebblepaw or Bearpaw yet though… Okay, sorry. Back to the topic. StarClan is not as good as you think. They have cursed some, sent some to their death, and more terrible things. Today I will be talking about how StarClan is not that good, and doesn’t deserve your love.
I’m going to start with cats they’ve cursed.
Goosefeather: poor goosefeather…
StarClan cursed Goosefeather. He could see dead cats, sharing tongues. He got so many prophecies… No cat should live that way. Near the end of his life, he started going crazy. He kept saying Tigerkit/claw/star should have never been born. Yes, I agree, but he did keep attacking him — as a harmless kit — with words. Also, Goosefeather has never really been wrong. Think about it. StarClan sent him all those prophecies for a reason. So, they were correct. Some of you may argue, “His prophecy killed Moonflower!” And that is true, but sometimes warriors die during prophecies. Remember the prophecy, “Before there is peace, blood will spill blood, and the lake will run red.” That was about Brambleclaw/star getting rid of the threat of his half-brother, Hawkfrost. Then, after Hawkfrost was gone, the clans settled in the new territory and they were fine … for a little (dun dun dunnnn). So, cats do die in prophecies. Firestar died at the end of this prophecy, “There will be three, kin of your kin, who will hold the power of the stars in their paws.”. Now, the prophecy Goosefeather said about attacking WindClan first, no one knows if it was true. Goosefeather may have misunderstood it… orrrrr… maybe he was correct! Did WindClan attack ThunderClan after that? I don’t remember, so… that is undecided. Also, Goosefeather was correct about the most important (I think) prophecy he ever got, “Like fire, you will blaze through the forest. Only water can destroy you.”. That was a correct prophecy, but in the end, Bluestar gave up on herself and found a cat to replace the “fire”(Fireheart/star).
I think we can all agree that StarClan caused Goosefeather to go insane.
A lot of people forget about Yellowfang’s curse. But, she still has one. Her curse is probably better than Goosefeather’s, as she learned to control the pain. But, it’s been a few sentences, and since most people forget her curse, I’ll state it now. Yellowfang was cursed to feel the pain of other cats. She was an amazing fighter, but she always felt exposed, because when she fought with other warriors, she felt their pain. She couldn’t fight, always hurting, even when she was amazing and never got a scratch. Eventually, she had to become a medicine cat, even when she didn’t want to be. No one but Sagewhisker knew about her pain, so Raggedpelt/star got really mad because he liked Yellowfang, and he thought she didn’t want to be with her.
Now, I’ve covered the only cursed cats I could think of right now, so I’ll talk about the cat(s?) they’ve sent to their death.
Remember when StarClan kept sending Flametail visions of him dying? Well, Flametail was super-nervous, and his siblings had to drag him to come play on the ice with them. He finally came, and then, he started drowning, because the ice gave in. Jayfeather tried to rescue him. I know I’m gonna sound dark, but I kinda wish it was Jayfeather who drowned instead of Flametail. Flametail was awesome, and I loved him. While Jayfeather tried to rescue Flametail, Yellowfang said to him, “Let him go, it’s not your time yet.”. I think that was super-cruel.
StarClan told Cinderpelt when she would die. I’m not sure how it went down, but, even though it was cruel of StarClan to determine a time, Cinderpelt handled it well. She kept calm even though she would die soon, and Leafpool was on the verge of leaving. Leafpool came back, but what if she didn’t? ThunderClan would have been without a medicine cat, and the three would have never been in ThunderClan, and Jayfeather wouldn’t have been a medicine cat. And then, StarClan reincarnated her… maybe because they felt bad? But, even though I love Cinderheart, and Cinderheart x Hollyleaf is adorable, they should have done someone else. Like poor Mosskit (Bluestar’s daughter who froze to death), or Badgerfang (a kit who died in battle at like 3-4 moons old during the range of Brokenstar).
Now I’m gonna talk about the leaders StarClan gave nine lives.
Tigerstar should have never been leader. Shouldn’t StarClan have noticed how evil he was in ThunderClan? Are they really that blind? Blinder than Jayfeather? I think this proves they are…
I think they were blind to Brokenstar’s few faults. Now, some of you may disagree with me, but Brokenstar didn’t do many bad things as a warrior. Sure, he was a bully. Yes, he trained his apprentices harder than Tigerstar. But, he wasn’t as terrible as Tigerstar. Brokentail didn’t send dogs to kill the leader. Brokentail didn’t try to kill his leader on the thunderpath. He was better than that. In the end though, StarClan should have noticed this evil cat when he killed his father/leader to become leader.
These are a few of the reasons StarClan isn’t all good, and doesn’t deserve your love. One thing I’m not going to expand on is the fact that they gave Dovewing powers, and she couldn’t use them in the way StarClab intended her to. That’s all I have! Thanks for your time, I understand this took a while as it is 1046 words.
– Drizzlepaw/drop

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  • StarClan’s judgment can be a bit one-sided sometimes, certainly. But I believe they do what they do in the best interest of themselves and the living cats. Remember the battle with Mudclaw? SC sent down that tree to strike Mud down, so that there was no way he could do any further harm. And as for ThunderClan, they SAVED the entire group by warning them of Firestar. Had they not known, Tigerclaw/his dogs would have ripped them apart.

  • Ok so I think Starclan only gave Tigerstar (the first) his lives because there was no one to lead shadowclan but yeah you’re right and starclan could have just rejected him but either way shadowclan needed a leader soooooo…… also Brokenstar- I mean, he was the deputy but yeah so I kinda wish that Cloud[somethingcauseiforgothisname] hadn’t died or something because he would have made a fine? Leader

  • Yes,But BrokenStar only was evil because he never really got to know siblings.His mother also was part of it,because she waited for a long time before she revealed she was his real mother.I do believe that he was not close to as terrible as TigerStar,like you stated🙂

  • In the end if you really think about it, star clan are just normal cats… but dead. So yah, they do make some messed decisions because, as if they were alive, they make mistakes. I’m not saying I disagree or anything, your absolutely right in fact, they do some MESSED up stuff! But I think that’s part of the “mystic, elusive, god works in mysterious ways” kind of charm Tuie is going for. I do think is cold you brought some of star clans curses to light tho! Shows how absolutely brutal they can be! Like- geeeeeeez- 😂

    Rj out – 🐈💨

  • his is just my thoughts: if StarCan is so powerful why didn’t the stop the countless times the Clans were in trouble, they were so vague in their prophecies, that by the time the Clans figured it out it was too late to stop whatever the prophecy was about. one more thing, umm StarClan sent a sign to ShadowClan saying “hey accept this cat who tried to kill his multiple members of his own Clan as your leader.” is StarClan really as powerful as the Clan cats say?

  • Great article! I disagree on some points like StarClan Causing goosefeather to go insane, sure, they might’ve helped the process along, But StarClan is not responsible for the bad stuff Goosefeather did.
    Also, finally someone who Likes Flametail!!!!! I do too, I also love Jayfeather though, and I hate Rock!!!!!!! And I know we can both agree that Starclan is bad, just for different reasons.

  • Wrong.StarClan can’t watch out for everything!They’re still cats, and the world always has some kind of evil in it.Some cats are evil because of their surroundings.

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