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Blossomtail defends Bluestar!

It’s Blossomtail, back with another article! Today I will be defending Bluestar and sharing my opinion on why she is such a great leader and character.
First of all, Bluestar had been through a lot. She even went through three depression stages in her life time. She had to give her kits to her mate in RiverClan so she could become leader. Rusty, who we now know as Firestar, probably never would have become a warrior if it wasn’t for her.
Another thing I would like to bring up is the difference between her and Firestar when it comes to their leadership. Bluestar liked to maintain peace, but not to such extremes as Firestar. Bluestar handled conflict with other clans better than Firestar did. She would try to handle things peacefully, but if that didn’t work she would order an attack. However, Firestar rarely ever attacked. He always handled things peacefully which usually resulted in bigger conflict.
Bluestar did something that I feel all leaders should try to do more. Reach out to the medicine cat. Bluestar would always talk to the medicine cat after a prophecy was given. This way she could make sure she understood the prophecies so she could help her clan to the best of her abilities.
Some people say they hate Bluestar because she loved a cat from another clan. But this is not a valid reason! Over the time in the warriors series many cats have had mates in other clans. But for some reason Bluestar gets so much hate for this. Bluestar and Oakheart would have been good together! Bluestar obviously trusted him, giving her kits to him to raise in RiverClan.
Other people have said that Bluestar interfered with Snowfur’s life too much. They will also say she was too controlling over her sister. But she was just looking out for her! She didn’t want her sister to get hurt in the long run. Bluestar had even helped raise Snowfur’s kit, Whitestorm! One of the depression stages she went through was because of the death of her sister! This proves she loved Snowfur, and would never harm her in any way, shape, or form.
Another thing I have heard is that people hate her because she gave her kits to RiverClan. But as I stated earlier, she didn’t have much of a choice. If she didn’t, another cat would have become leader and that would have caused terrible conflict in ThunderClan. Plus we must remember that the kits were half RiverClan because Oakheart was the father.
Some people say Bluestar wasn’t loyal to her clan. However, Bluestar gave her life for ThunderClan when she died. Isn’t this alone enough to prove she was loyal?
I hope you understand why Bluestar was such an amazing cat! She was loving, caring, and a really good leader! Thank you for reading this article!

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  • Bluestar went through so much, ppl don’t like her bc of how she acted when she was going crazy but it’s totally reasonable that she did. When Sunstar said “It seems you are destined to suffer”, it really was true because she lost her mom, her sister, her kits, and her mate, then was completely betrayed by someone she really trusted and defended. You can really see why she stopped believing in StarClan. She’s one of my favorite characters.

  • To add on, Bluestar lost practically everyone she loved in her life. She is always talking about protecting the ones she cares about, but is unable to do so as they either die or she can’t be with them(besides Whitestorm). When she becomes deputy, she tells Sunstar, “My Clan is all I have now, I will give every breath in my body to serve it.” Her Clan is the main thing she’s focused on protecting now, it being Snowfur or her kits in the past, and when Tigerclaw betrayed her she felt as though she failed at that as well. She never handled grief well before, falling into a depressive state everytime, and her Clan falling apart(in her eyes) was the last straw for her.

  • Bluestar is my favorite cat in warriors. She is WAY too underrated. I mean she gave her life and her kits for her clan.

    • Yas. Bluestar is awesome. And I’m sure a lot of people would think so too after they read Bluestar’s Prophecy. I know, She wasn’t very smart when she made Tigerclaw deputy. Like, have you forgot his mentor was Thistleclaw? But she was a great leader and she really handled losing her family well
      Bluestar is one of my fave cats too😉 this is probably the longest comment I have ever made😱

  • Great article! I disagree though the problem was the depression, she gotta learn to deal with it, y’know? Also, my problem with the mating with Oakheart was dragging her kits through a freaking snowstorm to get them to RiverClan just so she could be deputy because she assumed Sunstar would choose Thistleclaw just because of a dumb vision from a dumb medicine cat. That’s not only disloyal to her Clan, but to her mate as well, if you think about it the right way, she could’ve waited til it wasn’t storming, because she actually got a kit killed with her plan.

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