My opinion on the name Fireheart by Amberleaf

Art by Emmy Cicierega

Amberleaf argues the name Fireheart is not a perfect match for the ThunderClan leader

Possible spoiler warning for The Prophecies Begin and Midnight
Hello BlogClanners! My name is Amberleaf, and, as you read from the title I will explain why I don’t like Firestar’s warrior name of Fireheart.
When Fireheart is first given his warrior name I thought it sounded pretty cool. Why wouldn’t I? But let’s split the name up and explain what it means to me.
Fire- is a prefix that describes Firestar’s pelt perfectly, and makes for a cool prophecy: Fire will save the clan. But, for me, Fire, if used in the wrong way, suggests a cat that’s eager to go into batyle, has a terrible temper or is very power hungry, like Tigerstar. Don’t get me wrong- I think the fire prefix is great to describe Firestar, but if not used properly, it could be an issue.
Now let’s talk about -heart. Heart is a suffux that could be used to describes someone’s personality. For example, Brightheart, who stays strong and hopeful despite her injuries. A medicine cat called Leafheart could be a cat who loves nature, or Sunheart, for a kind and loving queen. But a cat called Fireheart would be battle hungry with a hot temper.
Obviously, there are times when Firestar did show a temper, like when Firestar got furious at Brambleclaw for helping Squirrelpaw when she was stuck in some brambles. (Is it just me or does Squirrelflight get stuck in a LOT of things? Anyhow…) this lead to Squirrelflight joining Brambleclaw on the quest to sundrown place. But most of the time Firestar doesn’t show a temper.
I would like to back up my idea with what Firestar did, and what a cat who could be described as Fire heart would do.

RiverClan were starving because twolegs were poising their fish.
What Firestar did: caught prey from his territory to give to RiverClan
What ‘Fireheart’ would do: tell his leader so that they could attack them and maybe drive them out or something.

Bluestar wanted to attack WindClan for prey stealing, but Firestar knew if was dogs that were hunting the rabbits.
What Firestar did: Talk with Tallstar to persuade him to talk with Bluestar, calling of the battle.
What ‘Fireheart’ would do: gladly follow his leader into battle, taking avenge on every WindClan cat who would else get away with prey stealing. (Innocent WindClan cats…)

Graystrip broke the warrior code by seeing Silverstream, trespassing into another territory.
What Firestar did, lost contact with Graystripe for a while, but in the end he said to have them mean at Fourtrees.
What ‘fireheart’ would do: get mad, tell his leader and possibly attack Silverstream.

So, now I need to give Firestar and alternate name. He can’t go Rusty-Firepaw-Firestar!
Firestar’s prefix of Star- would obviously be describing his pelt, but we cant have Firefur for our brave hero, can we? Apart from his pelt, I think Firestar is quite juxtaposition with his name. We should perhaps use juxtaposition when giving him his warrior name, then? Okay, here goes… Firestar’s warrior name should’ve been Firemist.

What do you guys think? Do you agree? What would you have called him? Tell me in the comments!
Have a good day or night!
-Amberleaf, signing out

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