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Squirreltree lists their favourite characters from the first two arcs!

Squirreltree here! In this article, I am going to list my favorite warrior cats in the books I have read so far. (Into the Wild-Moonrise, and some of Dawn.)

*~ Favorites ~*
Cat 1: Whitestorm!
Here’s why:
Reason 1: He helped Bluestar when she was in depression.
Reason 2: He was a noble warrior who always supported his clan.
Reason 3: He’s just so cool!

Cat 2: Smudge
Reason 1: He may be a kittypet, but he is nice and kind
(Yea that’s my only reason)

Cat 3: Squirrelpaw
Reason 1: She is kind of funny when she is like: “Ok, so where’s the fresh-kill?”
Reason 2: She is adventurous and feisty
Reason 3: If it wasn’t for her, Stormfur would have never escaped the Tribe of Rushing Water! (Stormfur did go back though)

Cat 4: Crowpaw
Reason 1: I like how he acts all feisty, but he is actually kind of a softie.
Reason 3: I love his connection with Feathertail! They’re just so cute together!

Cat 5: Spottedleaf
Reason 1: She was so nice and kind (I was so sad when she died)
Reason 2: She helped Firestar even after she died.
Reason 3: She helps Leafpaw too!

Cat 6: Barley
Reason 1: He welcomed Ravenpaw when he had to escape thunderclan.
Reason 2: He honestly admits being from Bloodclan
Reason 3: He is very helpful!

Cat 7: Ravenpaw
Reason 1: He is sooooo cool!
Reason 2: He helpfully guides clan cats through his territory.
Reason 3: He is very generous. (Small example: When Brambleclaw and his friends were passing through, Crowpaw and Barney let them stay and eat.)

Cat 8: Cody
Reason 1: Is nice to Leafpaw
Reason 2: He (she?) seems to understand the clan ways, even though he (she?) is a kittypet.
(I don’t know much more about Cody)

Cat 9: Brightheart
Reason 1: She survived the dogs
Reason 2: She is very nice!
Reason 3: Convinced Firestar to change her name from Lostface to Brightheart

Cat 10: SANDSTORM!!!
Reason 1: Mother of Leafpaw and Squirrelpaw, also the mate of Firestar
Reason 2: She comforts Firestar a lot.
Reason 3: She’s just SO AWESOME!!!

This is the end of my article!
I hope you liked it!

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