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Who Will Graystripe Choose in StarClan? by Blossomtail

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Blossomtail argues Greystripe will choose Silverstream in StarClan – do you agree?

Hello, it’s Blossomtail! Today I will be writing an article about Graystripe, Silverstream, and Millie. I’ve noticed a lot of people on Blog Clan post “Who will Crowfeather choose in StarClan,” but I’ve never seen anyone do one about Graystripe. I personally ship Graystripe x Millie but I will put that thought aside as I write this article.
To begin with, I want to go back in time to the first Warriors series. Graystripe’s first serious relationship we saw was with Silverstream. Even though they were from different clans they managed to have a serious relationship. They did truly love each other. Sadly, Silverstream died giving birth to their kits who later became Stonefur and Feathertail.
Later, when Graystripe ends up getting separated from the clans, he meets Millie. Graystripe is reunited with the clans with Millie by his side. They become mates and are in a serious relationship as well.
In the graphic novel with Graystripe, he said to Millie that she reminded him of Silverstream. I think originally Graystripe was with Millie because she reminded him of his former mate. However, over time Graystripe did develop feelings for Millie that were not base off of Silverstream.
Even though Millie helped Graystripe during what I believe is one of the most darkest times in his life, Graystripe still grieved over Silverstream during all of this time. When Silverstream was together with Graystripe they promised each other they would find a way for them to permanently be together. This means this could also include the possibility of being together in StarClan.
Because of these reasons this makes me think that he would choose Silverstream over Millie in StarClan. After all, Silverstream was his first love. They had made a promise to each other and as we know, Graystripe has rarely ever broken a promise in the series.
I hope you liked this short article. Even though I ship Graystripe x Millie I realize the truth would be he would choose Silverstream over Millie in StarClan. If you enjoyed this article please check out some of my others! Thank you so much for reading!

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  • I have to say… I really don’t like Silverstream. I mean, Graystripe and Millie were together for most of his life, she gave up her entire life, everything she ever knew JUST to be with Graystripe… and Graystripe ditching her for someone he knew for, like, a month (or less) is really rude to Millie. Also, that was a good point, that Millie reminded him of Silverstream. but anyways, I do agree that he’ll chose Silverstream over Millie. Everyone’s entitled to have their own opinions but yeah, great article!

  • (Spoiler alert)
    In Graystripe’s Vow he thought more about Millie then SilverStream. And in broken code when he visited starclan he spent only a tiny bit with silverStream and FeatherTail, while the rest of the time was spent with millie. The same with CrowFeather, he was glad to see FeatherTail, but he immediately went to LeafPool. Crowfeather and LeafPool were like nuzzling and cuddling when he visited starclan, it was weird. But I think GrayStripe Would Choose Millie and Crowfeather Would choose Leafpool.

    • Well, this is a good reason but we don’t know if Graystripe chose a mate or just let them two have a good time with him, but I still feel like Graystripe would choose his first true love he ever had

  • I agree with this, we see in Broken code bk.6 that Silverstream is hurt by how much Graystripe welcomed Millie instead of her, but I’ve gone back to when Graystripe and Silverstream where in a serious relationship and I judge against both and I saw that graystripe loved Silverstream, more and it felt more of a really love relationship so I do not disagree I have given you my reasons and it will not change

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