Rating Warriors – 1-10 by Drizzledrop

Art by Ashkey

Drizzledrop ranks some characters from 1-10 – do you agree with them?

Hi, I’m Drizzlepaw/drop! You may know me as Splashpaw/pool, Polarpaw/moon or Hollypaw/ear! Today, I asked some people on the tavern to give me random cats, and I will be rating some of them. I’ll be rating 7 random warriors. I’m rating 1-2 cats in each clan, so not too many. I’m rating two in RiverClan and ThunderClan, but only one in all the others. From RiverClan the two cats are Sunfish and Appledusk. The two ThunderClan cats are Honeyfern and Ashfur. SkyClan’s cat is Skystar. The WindClan representative is Mudclaw. The nightmare clan, also known as ShadowClan, has picked one special cat, Foxheart. By the way, 1 is the worst, meaning they are worse than Brokenstar, and 10 is the best! I will rate these cats in the order I said, and here is RATING WARRIORS – 1-10!
Sunfish – 9
In Leopardstar’s honor, Sunfish did many great things for Leopardstar. All throughout Leopardstar’s life, Sunfish had been there for her. As a kit, Sunfish always stuck up for Leopardstar when the other kits, even Sunkit’s littermates, were bullying Leopardkit. When Sunfish was an apprentice, after the incident where Skyheart stuck Leopardkit’s head underwater, Sunpaw encouraged Leopardpaw to swim to get her favorite prey, carp. As a warrior, Sunfish was always there for Leopardfur when she went through trouble. When Sunfish had a kit, Whiteclaw, Leopardfur paid her back for her kindness. She helped raise Sunfish and Beetlenose’s kit, and the two became close. When a battle came to Sunningrocks, Sunfish wanted to join, because she had been in the nursery for way too long. Sunfish got a pretty bad wound, but not nearly as bad as Whitefang, as he was killed. Sunfish soon after got infected from that wound, and she was fighting for her life. Before Sunfish had died, she asked Leopardstar to watch over Whiteclaw, who was Whitepaw then. Leopardfur became his new mentor, and Whitefang was his old one. When it was time for Leopardfur to become the leader, Sunfish gave Leopardstar a life, the life of courage. Sunfish was a great cat, and she deserves a 9.
Appledusk – 4
Before you tell me Appledusk is the worst cat ever and he deserves a 0, lower than you can get, here me out. Appledusk and Mapleshade were close friends, they liked each other lots, but Appledusk got over her, and yes, he cheated. Yes, that was a terrible thing to do, but people cheat. What the worst thing he did was, was rejecting Mapleshade when she got thrown out of her clan.
Honeyfern – 8.9
Honeyfern was an awesome cat. She died too young. She was super-kind, and helped out everywhere. She mated with Berrynose (nonono sorry, berrystumpytail…lol) and he was overprotective, but they were good together. In the end, she died saving Briarkit from an adder in the camp.
Ashfur – 1.99
He is such a terrible cat. All his treachery started back in TNP (for those of you who don’t know the acronyms, that is The New Prophecy) when he started fantasizing with Squirrelflight. When Squirrelflight stopped flirting hanging out with him, Ashfur still kept obsessing over her. In PoT (power of three) Ashfur threatened to kill Squirrelflight and her so called “kits” while the camp was on fire. Squirrelflight told Ashfur that Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf were not her kits. When Hollyleaf heard this, she killed Ashfur secretly, and then the clans fought with others, trying to find who killed him. Then, Ashfur comes back in TBC (the broken code) and he’s supposed to fix the “StarClan can’t contact the clans!” problem, instead he made it worse. I haven’t read A Light in the Mist yet, so I’m not gonna add anymore.
Skystar – 5.5 (Clear Sky)
NO! Stop arguing and LISTEN. Skystar is not too terrible! Sure, he did terrible things, but he was always trying to protect his clan. He didn’t always do the right things, but no leaders do! Bluestar went crazy and did some terrible things. Skystar took in terrible rouges, yes, he denied things he did, but he always did it for the clan.
Mudclaw – 7.45
Mudclaw wasn’t all terrible. He was actually a good deputy, and I wished we saw a Mudstar instead of a Onestar (haha that kinda rhymes). He was getting prepared to lead, because he knew Tallstar was dying. But then, right before Tallstar died, he told Brambleclaw, Firestar, and Onewhisker that Onewhisker was the new deputy. That was such a terrible thing to do, and I see Tallstar’s worries. So, next time you think of Mudclaw, know he was a good cat, who sided and got mixed up with the wrong warrior (mainly Hawkfrostt… dumb choice).
Foxheart – 6.84
To wrap things up, I’ll tell you about Foxheart. Foxheart, she’s not the best. She’s bratty, rude, annoying. But she never did any harm to her clan. So, the main reason she lost, like, 3.16 out of the ten points she had, was because she was rude and grumpy.
That’s all I have time for!!
Thank you guys so much, please tell me what you thought!!
– Drizzlepaw/drop

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