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Who Shaped Who by Ivyshadow

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Ivyshadow analyzes how certain characters were influenced!

Hello! Today I’ll be analyzing who shaped who, and who was a prominent figure in a character’s life that helped to define them. Enjoy, and feedback will be greatly appreciated, as this is my first article!
I’m only doing this for the protagonists. If this gets popular enough, I might make a Part 2 with different characters!
(Warning: Spoilers for The Place of No Stars!)

I would say that Bluestar shaped Firestar the most, as she was his mentor, and the cat he looked up to. Bluestar was also the cat that invited Firestar into the Clan in the first place, and she taught him a lot about the Clans and how to live as a warrior. She also trusted him a lot.
Whitestorm also helped Firestar become the cat he is, because he taught Firestar a bunch of things, and he was wise and noble. He was also Firestar’s first deputy.
If we’re looking at villains, Tigerstar also shaped Firestar a lot, because he was a big threat in Firestar’s life. Tigerstar also was the father of Bramblestar, and Bramblestar was pretty important to Firestar.
As a friend, Graystripe also helped to define Firestar, because he welcomed him into the Clan, and they were best friends and did basically everything together. They were also incredibly loyal to each other.
Spottedleaf and Sandstorm were also key characters in Firestar’s life. Spottedleaf, because she showed him all those visions and told him all the important prophecies. Sandstorm, because she was his mate and stood by him for the most part of his life.

For Squirrelflight, I would say Brambleclaw probably shaped her the most, because she found him annoying, but they grew to like each other. They also faced a lot together, like on the quest to the sun-drown place.
The other cats on the quest to the sun-drown place (Tawnypelt, Feathertail, Stormfur, Crowpaw) shaped Squirrelflight a lot as well, because like with Brambleclaw, they endured a lot together and formed bonds and connections with each other.
Leafpool was also an important figure in Squirrelflight’s life, as they were very close littermates, and Leafpool always supported her. She especially shaped her in Leafpool’s Wish, when Squirrelflight agreed to pretend that Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, and Lionblaze were her kits.

Firestar and Tigerstar shaped Bramblestar the most. Firestar, because Bramblestar looked up to him and he was his mentor. Firestar also taught Bramblestar a lot about loyalty and forgiveness.
Tigerstar played an important role in Bramblestar’s life because he was an evil influence, and everyone saw Tigerstar when they looked at Bramblestar. Bramblestar also trained with Tigerstar in the Dark Forest (in The New Prophecy arc), along with Hawkfrost, who was also pretty important.

Cinderpelt was a prominent figure in Leafpool’s life, being her mentor. Cinderpelt taught Leafpool everything she needed, and helped turn Leafpool into the medicine cat she turned out to be. Cinderpelt also believed in Leafpool and trusted her greatly.
Crowfeather was also important to Leafpool, because he taught her more about her heart. He taught her about loving another cat, and about loyalty.
And also, Squirrelflight was important, for the same reasons that Leafpool was important to Squirrelflight.

I would say that Ashfur shaped Hollyleaf the most. Ashfur turned her life upside down, because Hollyleaf found out she was half-Clan. It also showed her that life wasn’t as great as it seemed, and Ashfur showed Hollyleaf the darker truth. Hollyleaf also killed Ashfur, which was a big event.
Jayfeather and Lionblaze were also pretty important, due to them being her littermates and all.
Fallen Leaves also shaped Omen of the Stars Hollyleaf, because he gave her time to recover and heal from her mental wounds. He also loved her, and I’m pretty sure that Hollyleaf x Fallen Leaves is canon, but I’m not entirely sure.

Rock was a major part in Jayfeather’s life, because he showed Jayfeather his stick, and taught him about the Ancient cats, like Fallen Leaves. He also knew a lot about the Power of Three prophecy.
Leafpool was also an important figure, because she was his mentor as well as his mother. She taught him all about herbs, and shaped him because Jayfeather was mad when he found out that Leafpool was his real mother. I suppose this means that Squirrelflight was also important because Jayfeather was mad at her as well.
Half Moon was also a principal part in Jayfeather’s life, because without her, Jayfeather was just a grumpy old cat. Jayfeather also shaped Half Moon a lot, because he made her the first Teller of the Pointed Stones and basically started the Tribe of Rushing Water.

I would say Bramblestar was a key figure for Lionblaze, because he was a father figure, and Lionblaze looked up to him and valued his opinion.
Heathertail and Cinderheart were probably also important, because they taught him about love. Heathertail taught him about loving a cat from another Clan, and Cinderheart taught him about real love and friendship.

Hawkfrost was the cat that shaped Ivypool the most. He lured her into the Dark Forest with his convincing words, and taught Ivypool a lot of battle moves. He was also relatively kind to her (compared to the other Dark Forest warriors) and trusted her enough so that Ivypool could get some information. He also taught Ivypool about the hardships of life, and made her the strong and durable warrior that she is today.
Dovewing also defined Ivypool a lot, for the same reason for Squirrelflight and Leafpool. Dovewing also made Ivypool jealous, and if that never happened, Ivypool would have never gone to the Dark Forest and none of that stuff would have occurred.

Lionblaze and Jayfeather shaped Dovewing a lot, because they were the other cats in the Three. Lionblaze was also Dovewing’s mentor, and probably shaped Dovewing more, because they went on the quest together, and they spent more time together. Also, Jayfeather is a grumpy old cat anyway.
Tigerheart also shaped Dovewing because they fell in love even though they were in different Clans. Tigerheart taught Dovewing a lot about loyalty and following your heart.

I would say that Needletail was a dominant figure in Alderheart’s life, because they went on the quest together, and they were friends. Also, Needletail found Twigbranch and Violetshine.
Speaking of that, Twigbranch and Violetshine also shaped Alderheart a lot, but more so Twigbranch, because she was in ThunderClan. Alderheart raised Twigbranch and they formed a deep friendship.

Alderheart defined Twigbranch a lot, as I said before. Ivypool also did, because she was Twigbranch’s mentor, and a good one too, one that supported her and looked out for her.
Finleap also shaped her, because he was her mate (even though there was that whole kit thing in The Raging Storm. Or was it in River of Fire? I can’t remember.).

Like with Twigbranch and Alderheart, Needletail was a prominent character for Violetshine, and they were great friends and really loyal to each other, shown especially when Needletail sacrificed her life for Violetshine.
Hawkwing also played an important role because he was Violetshine’s father, and they went on quests together.
Tree also shaped Violetshine, like how Finleap shaped Twigbranch (except with no weird kit stuff).

Ashfur probably influenced Bristlefrost the most, because she learned a lot from him. First, she thought he was actually Bramblestar, and was loyal to him, and basically blindly followed him. Then she realized he was actually evil, but spied on him for the rebels. Basically, Ashfur was pretty important.
Spotfur also was important, because she and Bristlefrost were fellow rebels, and Bristlefrost went to Spotfur (and Stemleaf, I guess) whenever she found something out about Bramblestar.
And Rootspring is important, for obvious reasons.

I would say Ashfur was the most important figure for Shadowsight, because Ashfur was the one who told Shadowsight about the Codebreakers, and Shadowsight later freed Ashfur. They also have a pretty complicated relationship. Ashfur definitely has influence over Shadowsight, and he’s definitely shaped Shadowsight into who he is now.

I would say Tree shaped Rootspring a lot, because Tree is his father, and helped Rootspring with the spirits. They also used to have an awkward relationship, but it’s definitely strong now.
Bristlefrost is also important, for the same reasons as all of the other love reasons.

Woo! That’s all the cats for now!
I’m now putting it in an easier-to-read view, in case some people prefer it like that (like me).

Firestar – Bluestar, Whitestorm, Graystripe, Tigerstar, Spottedleaf/Sandstorm
Squirrelflight – Bramblestar, Tawnypelt/Crowfeather/Feathertail/Stormfur, Leafpool
Bramblestar – Firestar, Tigerstar/Hawkfrost
Leafpool – Cinderpelt, Squirrelflight, Crowfeather
Hollyleaf – Ashfur, Jayfeather, Lionblaze, Fallen Leaves
Jayfeather – Rock, Leafpool/Squirrelflight, Half Moon
Lionblaze – Heathertail/Cinderpelt, Bramblestar
Ivypool – Hawkfrost, Dovewing
Dovewing – Lionblaze/Jayfeather, Tigerstar II
Alderheart – Needletail, Twigbranch/Violetshine
Twigbranch – Ivypool, Finleap
Violetshine – Needletail, Hawkwing, Tree
Bristlefrost – Spotfur/Stemleaf, Rootspring, Ashfur
Shadowsight – Ashfur
Rootspring – Tree, Bristlefrost

That concludes my article! I hope you enjoyed reading it, and if you have any feedback, please tell me in the comments! Also, if you disagree or agree or have something to add onto, please also tell me!
Thanks for reading!

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