Giving GLEE CAST Warrior Names by Drizzledrop

Drizzledrop gives the cast of Glee Warrior names!

Hi! As you may know, I’m Splashpaw/pool but I used to go by Hollyear!! Now I go by Drizzlepaw/drop also. I’m going to give the Glee Cast Warrior names today! Comment if I missed anyone and you want me to say their name!
Rachel Barrie: Songberry/star! Rachel sings songs, her name is pronounced as Berry, she thinks she’s destined to be a star, need I say more about this name?
Quinn Fabray: Shatteredspirit, because she is fragile, and if you’re not careful about what you say around her, she shatters.
Tina Cohen-Chang: Purplefur? Because of her purple hair at the beginning of the show
Will (Mr. Schuester): Rootstar, because he’s the root of glee club and he’s a leader
Mercedes Jones: Puresong, ik ik, more songs, but glee is singing and Mercedes is a REALLY GOOD SINGER
Sue Sylvester: Whitefur, because of her white hair
Brittany S. Pearce: Is Fur/Mouse/Rabbitbrain a name?? Lol jk, her name should be Echoface, because she follows Santana everywhere through high school, kinda like her echo.
Santana Lopez: Flareclaw. Like come on? She’s fiery and has flares and she has a jerky attitude.
Kitty Wilde: Catface. Just kidding, Tigerblaze/Wildblaze, because her last name is Wilde and she’s a tiger. The suffix means Bold, Loyal, bright colored pelt, good fighter, and I think that fits her.
Noah Puckerman: Darkpelt, because of his mohawk
Finn Hudson: Finheart, because he’s kind and his name is Finn
Marley Rose: Seapool, because she’s calm, and Mar is spanish is sea/ocean or Rosepool
Emma Pilsbery: (idk how to spell her last name) Softheart/pool, because she’s shy, calm and kind
Terry whatsherlastname: Honeybadger? That’s the name Sue gave her.
Principal Figgins: Figbrain/face. He’s annoying, has the brain of a fig, and his name has the word fig in it
OHH Kurt Hummel: Pouncesong, Kurt pounces at opportunities to sing songs.
Sam Evans: Lightstream, because his hair is light-colored and he’s kind and calm
Blaine Anderson: Larkflight, because he was a Warbler and and they flew.
Holly Holiday: Hollyheart, because of her first name, and a lot of people like her
Becky Jackson: Quietclaw, because she’s quiet but does Sue’s dirty work a lot
(Coach) Shannon Beiste: Adderlight, she has a name of a monster but a heart of gold
Mike Chang: Dancepelt, he’s a great dancer
Unique (Addams?): Dazzlesong (Is dazzle a prefix?) or Shimmersong (I’d prefer dazzle) or Sparksong, because he/she is a great singer
Jesse St. James: Lionclaw, because he’s rude, but big
April Rhodes: Springrose, because April is in spring and I thought her last name was Rose (LOL)
Burt Hummel: Oilleaf, because he works on cars. Leaf was the first suffix I could think of
Shelby cornwhatsherlastname (aka the person who PLAYED ELSA IN FROZEN LOL): Frozenheart, because she was in Frozen and Elsa froze Anna’s heart (YES IK THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH GLEE)
Thank you so much for taking your time to read this, and comment what you think and who I missed!!
– Drizzlepaw/drop

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  • Daddy, daddy, look My name is Foxpaw I am a poet I wrote this poem just to show it And I just turned 7 moons You can write rhymes but you can't write mine (Foxi/Fox/ POTATOES 🥔 )🧂 says:

    Ha ha one of my OCs names is Lionclaw

  • I don’t know if you knew at the time of writing this or do now but I’d like to inform you that naming the character that uses a wheelchair “Brokenleg” after their disability is a highly problematic one. It comes off as derogatory and also not just reduces one to their disability, but also goes further to do it in a crude way. There’s issues in the serious doing the same thing, forcing cats like Crookedstar and Deadfoot to reclaim their names while they are forced to carry a name that inherently degrades them. It’s dehumanizing and there’s other things to name Artie after than just his disability and because of it.

      • No hard feelings at all and I get that it’s something easily missed when y’all are going through as many articles as you do. Regardless though, thank you for removing it as well.

  • I’ve never seen the show, I’ve only heard of it because I’ve read The Land of Stories (which was written by Chris Colfer, one of the actors)

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