[Squirrelflight and Leafpool standing side-by-side in profile view]

Squirrelflight: Better than her sister? by Mistpaw

Art by Maple-Heart

Mistpaw argues that Squirrelflight is better than Leafpool. What do you think?

Hi everyone today i’m going to be talking about why Leafpool is worse than Squirrelflight.

Leafpool first of all is not bad-it’s just that i think Squirrelflight is better. Squirrelflight is exciting and she is not overrated like leafpool. I really like her boldness which does not fit with leafpool’s personality.

Firstly, Leafpool is very overrated so it’s easy to hate her. She has a forbidden love so she’s cliche but she’s also “destined to be a medicine cat”.is anyone else bothered that she’s the only thunderclan cat after featherwhisker whose like that? Leafpool also had a really small part to play in TNP. I feel like she needs to be more developed and she does not have much personality. Leafpool was never really important until she ran away with crowfeather.

Squirrelflight was interesting to read about. Her novella was definitely worse but she was always a great character during TNP.she was a character with friends and personality and love and legacy and loyalty.basically she was great but not like a mary sue.I loved how she was never nervous and stayed bold and energetic.

Leafpool kind of forced Squirrelflight to take in her kits.That was rude and pretty much not something that made me like her more. It just did not seem right that StarClan was on her side. Also I could go on forever about Leafpool ships but Squirrelflight’s ships always seemed clear. It was either Bramblestar or nothing for most people. She was not complicated but interesting which I also liked.

Squirrelflight is a important character. I feel like she had the better end of a lot of things. I liked the way she is brighter and more involved than Leafpool.She is loyal,determined and feisty.

Squirrelflight is a character who is easy to relate to. She’s deputy which makes her unique but a warrior which makes her relatable. I would love to eventually see a Squirrelstar and I imagine she would be a kind,fair leader. One who could lead ThunderClan to a new,bright future.

So that’s all for this article. It’s my first so I hope you liked it! Squirrelflight is just overall a great character.

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  • I like both characters. I do prefer Squirrelflight though and I do agree that Leafpool is a little bit overrated.

  • I really hate Leafpool. She’s just a camera that watches as other cats do things. I always liked Squirrelflight’s firey personality. There’s a huge problem with warriors where the shecats always have personalities that are just stock niceness and pretty looks and thats what Leafpool has. The boring sweet, quiet, soft-spoken type. Everyone says that shecats that aren’t like that are the same as Squilf but I disagree. There’s Bluestar, Yellowfang, Mousefur, Mapleshade and Hollyleaf are nothing like her. All of the leafpool stans keeps giving Squilf’s unique personality to leafpool and makes her look like the bold and sassy one while Squilf is soft and sweet which I hate. Can y’all stop trying to make Leafpool unique by giving her Squilf’s personality? Leafpool does nothing important in TNP other than runaway with her definitely-oh-so- great mate Crowfeather . She was also a terrible mother to Jayfeather by forcing him to become a medicine cat so she can name him after Crowfeather and because oh-so-depressed-Leafpool-who-has-been-so-hurt-by-her-cruel-world-and-sister doesn’t belive a blind cat can become a warrior. And yet I see people say she was more supportive of Jayfeather than Squirrelflight… What? She also forced Squilf to take her kittens. She just cries and does nothing . Squirrelflight is more interesting. Sorry not sorry Leafpool stans.

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