Cats that Really Need Super Editions by Fernmist

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Fernmist lists some characters they believe should have super editions/novellas!

Hello, Fernmist here! Today I will be sharing five cats that I think need Super Editions. Hope you enjoy!

5) Sandstorm
First of all, who the heck are her littermates and parents??? Apparently, according to google, Dustpelt is Sandstorm’s uncle because Brindleface who is Sandstorm’s mother is his older sister. I want a look at her kithood, why she fell in love with Firestar from her perspective, and how she reacted to her father, Redtail, dying. The title could be something like “Sandstorm’s Life” or “Sandstorm’s Decision”. I wonder if she ever liked Dustpelt as an apprentice? All these questions, going unanswered because Sandstorm has no Super Edition.

4) Briarlight
I love Briarlight so much, and she needs a Super Edition badly. How did she react to getting injured? How did she handle not being able to be a warrior? How did she feel, rushing into the camp after Longtail? All of these are mostly answered from Jayfeather’s point of view, but I want Briarlight’s. I also wonder how she felt about having all the attention from Millie. Also, how did she feel during the Great Battle, unable to help her Clanmates? All these burning questions! This is why she needs a Super Edition! It could be called “Brairlight’s Mission” or something like that.

3) Sparkpelt
Sparkpelt is AWESOME!!! She’s such a supportive and kind sister, and I love her spirit! We really need to see more of her. It was so unfair when her mate, Larksong, had to die. And it was even MORE unfair because Flickerkit had to die, too! I want to take a look inside her, see what she feels and how she coped with the death of her mate and kit. I know she’s a relatively new character, but that doesn’t stop the fact that she is AMAZING. Her SE could be called “Sparkpelt’s Triumph” or “Sparkpelt’s Sorrow”.

2) Breezepelt
A lot of people hate him, but I think that he should have a Super Edition. Maybe then, once we see the real him, people will start to like him. It’s the same deal that happened with Crowfeather. Once he got a SE, more people started to like him. I hope that this will happen to Breezepelt as well. I want to see his kithood, how he viewed the Dark Forest, and how he came to love Heathertail. His SE could be titled “Breezepelt’s Past” or “Breezepelt’s Conflict”.

1) Dustpelt
Another favorite of mine. I was surprised to learn that Ravenpaw (another favorite) is Dustpelt’s brother! I wonder how he reacted to Ravenpaw leaving ThunderClan? I wonder what his kithood was like? I wonder how it felt to lose countless kits… these are a couple reasons why he needs a SE. In Bramblestar’s Storm, Dustpelt is grieving really deeply for Ferncloud and refuses to become an elder. I love his undying loyalty toward his mateniece. His SE could be called “Dustpelt’s Loyalty” or “Dustpelt’s Family”.

Well, that’s it for today! Hope you enjoyed this. Tell me what you think in the comments! Fernmist out.

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  • Thank you! For once someone gives good reasons to give Sandstorm (and other cats you added) a SE. I would personally love to see something from Dustpelt and Sparkpelt. I atually dislike Sandstorm very much, and part of it is the Fandom’s fault. The Fandom loves Sandstorm and always rave about how she’s ‘so brave’ and ‘so kind’ and ‘so nice’ and blah blah blah blah… And Fandom is like “Oh my god Sandstorm needs a super so bad because she is a good character and she needs a POV and yadda yadda” So its nice to see someone giving real reasons.

  • I completely agree! All these cats would have great SEs! personally, id like to see one of Goldenflower, why she fell in love with tigerclaw and her reaction to his cruelty, then having to raise her kits with that fact. Great article!

  • I don’t really like Breezepelt but I think a super edition for him would be intresting and maybe I’d change my mind!

  • This is amazing! But I also think Goldenflower deserves a Super Edition. Her mate left her and their kits, had kits with another she-cat, and did horrible things. Her kit left the clan too without even a goodbye. And throughout it all we only see her grieving for Tawnykit/paw/pelt. I really wish we could feel her pain more and see how she dealt with all that. Who knows? Maybe someday…

  • I AGREE WITH ALL. OF. THESE. YESSSSSS! OMG someone who agrees with me that we need more super editions!!!
    the *only* one you’re missing is Goldenflower 😉

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