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Briarkit shares theories about River

Hi! Briarkit here. Now, ever since I finished reading a Light in the Mist(a few days ago, but who cares about that? LOL), I’ve been prepping myself for River. I’m super excited for it, because it’s the next book in the series, and it starts out A Starless Clan! Yay! I’m going to be writing some theories for River that I have, so… SPOILER WARNING FOR A LIGHT IN THE MIST IF YOU HAVE NOT READ IT! Ok, theory time!
Theory 1. So, since we know the main charecters are Flamepaw of ThunderClan(how is he still an apprentice, Bramblestar? Hmmmmmm?), Frostkit of RiverClan(she’s gonna be the next Medicine Cat and probably my next fav after Briarlight!), and Sunbeam of ShadowClan. My guess: a villian we know from before is going to arrive once again. Some villian… who is still on the loose… and has been kinda forgotten with all this Ashfur buisness… does any of this ring a bell? No? Well, she was seriously a sucker for Darktail… still no? SERIOUSLY? It’s Sleekwhisker(cue the DUN DUN DUN)! DUN DUN DUUUUUN! Thank you. I think Sleekwhisker is going to come back for revenge because she thinks she hasn’t had enough, and I think she’ll have help. From who, you may ask? From none other than…
Theory 2. Sol! Sleekwhisker and Sol might find each other, team up, and get REVENGE on the Clans. Since, well, Sleekwhisker and Sol are still on the loose, and they’re probably thinking “VENGENCE WILL BE MINE HAHAHA!!!” Or something like that. This theory is kinda short, just noticed. Whatever, I guess! And now for…
Theory 3. Sleekwhisker will have backup, but not from Sol. But then… from who? Well, Darktail’s dead, probably the whole reason she’s going to want revenge(I think). But ya know how I said she was seriously a sucker for Darktail, doing everything he wanted… I know she’d probably hate this, but what if she had Darktail’s kits? She could not realize until after Yarrowleaf had her kits, and then when she realized and had them, she wouldn’t want them, but realize that she needs them to pull off her REVENGE sceems. Maybe Sleekwhisker and Darktail secretly became mates before Darktail drowned, and she was expecting his kits without knowing it, kinda like Spotfur and Stemleaf. They became mates, Stemleaf died, Spotfur realized(well kind of was told) she was expecting kits, she didn’t want them, but realized she needed them(but not for Evil sceems). So, Sleekwhisker could tell her kits how the Clans caused Darktail to drown and that they needed to avenge their father. And now, my last theory…
Theory 4. Sleekwhisker(I know, a lot of Sleekwhisker theories, but seriously: I’m not done with her) and Sol team up, and with the help of Sleekwhisker’s kits(Darktail’s kits), they try to get revenge on the Clans. Perhaps Sleekwhisker tricks one of the main charecters(I don’t know why but probably Frostkit) into trusting her, Sol, and Sleekwhisker’s kits, and then that cat(who I think would be Frostkit) will try to make things right and prove themselves again.
Thank you for reading this, becuase I know this is really long! I don’t know if River will be out by the time this is posted, but it was still fun to write.
Welp, see ya!
Briarkit out
*Mic drop*

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  • I think the antagonist is Light Leap. Myrtle Bloom and Night Heart would be a good pair🐈

  • Wow, this is SO old LOL
    I take back everything about kits, but I think that maybe Sleekwhisker & Sol will reappear next arc, if there is one.

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